Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Hey guys!!! Happy Chinese New Year to all!!! May all those who are traveling have a safe journey to their respective kampong! May all those who are receiving angpao receive more angpao! May all those who are giving angpao give more generously (:P). Enjoy the new year cookies and remember that EY is having a Chinese New Year celebration. Take care everybody and have fun!

Kar Men

Thursday, January 15, 2009


People, another change in this coming week's program... Details as follows:

Venue: EY Room (We have one? The same room that we usually meet...)
Time: 3:30pm
Topic: Friends: Selfishness (Handled by yours truly, though not as special as the Canadian Torchbearers, but still...)

This is the first meeting of EY for this year, come and join us to see what is in store for the year 2009


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Little Bit More...

As mentioned, there were a lot of videos recorded during the youth camp. This next one is entitled "A Little Bit More"


Bernice and Kevin Koon demonstrating the correct way to do the action for the song "A Little Bit More"...Such chemistry, such coordination, seldom seen in this action song.



Many things happened in the recently concluded youth camp. Some of it, we were fortunately able to capture it on video. Let me present to you, a clip entitled 'Huh?'

Some sypnosis:

A question was post during the group discussion. 'Have you ever told your friend(s), things that they were doing are wrong?' Our dear sister Shireen gave us an answer that made us go 'huh?' We all broke into laughter and we challenged her to repeat what she said so that we could video it. She being the sporting person that she is repeated the answer, hence, voila!!! the above mentioned video and the laughter that ensued...Enjoy

Her quote "I did it before but sometimes I did not do it...."


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News Flash!!!

Hear ye, Hear ye...

There is a change in the EY programs. This coming meeting will be a special meeting. Details as follows:

Venue: Elim (Where else?)
Time: 3:30pm (If not, what time lah?)
Person in Charge: The Canadian Torch Bearers Group (That's the special part)
Topic: Come and find out....


Special Invite!!!

People, we have been invited to Keke's party this coming Saturday. The occasion? Well, its the bull's one thingy. So please give your name to me or Kar Wai if you are going. We should be leaving for the party after Saturday's EY. Transport will of course be provided. The details of the party are as follows

Time: 7:00pm (Well after EY and some gaming time)
Venue: Somewhere in First Garden (Sorry, I know how to get there but not the address)

So, people let us know of your arrangements.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

BSGC Visit

Every year, the YW@P and EY exchange visits. This is a tradition that has been set a few years back and it has kept up the warm fellowship and bond that this two youth fellowships had build over the years. This time round it was the YW@P's turn to pay the EY a visit. They dropped in on a Friday night, 9 Jan 09 and 'partied' with us till late Saturday, 10 Jan 09.

During that time, we had loads of fun, laughter, teasing, huffing, puffing, sweating, eating...well you get the picture....If you don't, here are then the pictures....

The combined youth fellowships.

We had karaoke on the first night. This was take before the YW@P arrive (They were late, Kevin was driving...self explanatory) and Shireen Chow was pulling the bull up the tree.

The YW@P and EY at the karaoke.

The bull was still not yet up the tree and Shireen was trying her utmost best with her supporters cheering her on.

Andrew sharing a tender moment and a song with his favorite boy boy.

Sang until they were out of breath...?

Group photo....

The very next day, at breakfast...

After the breakfast, the EY introduce the YW@P to ...Ultimate Frisbee

The youths having a go at the frisbee game.

After that warm up, we then play the ever green game, Captain's Ball. YW@P vs EY.

After that...we went for bowling...

The YW@Ps then joined the EY for their forthnightly night worship.

Then Kevin shared with us his pearls of wisdom...(No need to work ah?)

Finally, the YW@Ps joined the EY for their usual night cap after the night worship at the 'tong sui kai' before saying goodbyes.

All in all, it was a wonderful time and ...wanted to say that the fellowship, both the youth fellowships enjoyed it, well I can't really speak on their behalf but I certainly did. Though it was a wee bit tiring but it was a blessed time together. Let's keep this up, shall we?


PS: William agreed to handle the camp, not the EY do amend your blog post, my dear fellow YW@Ps.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mission Trip

People, we have been saying that we are going to go on a mission trip for a long, long, long time. Finally, after much consideration, planning and not forgetting praying, that day has arrived. We have set the date for the mission trip. Years ago, we tried to conduct this for the Young Working Adults group. We planned until we were about to book the ticket, somehow we 'chickened' out. Now, we are trying for the EY again, let's do this.

The information of the mission trip are as follows (The dates have been confirmed with the Indonesians)

Date: Wednesday, March 18 to Sunday, March 22, 2009
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Ministry: Young People, Young Adults, Sports Ministry, Sunday School
Medium: Bahasa Indonesia/Malay if possible
Finances: Let's sit down and talk...if you are interested. Let's not let money be the issue.

People, we do not intend to bring the entire EY to go. This will not be a sight seeing trip plus shopping and good food etc. We are not sure where we will be staying, probably in homes and most likely not in hotels. We are expected to minister and serve. If you are keen, let us know in advance as we will starting to practice for the various programs. In addition, we will also be starting a group to pray. So people let me know as soon as possible.


PS: For those who had given their names to me earlier, please do reconfirm as quite some time has passed, and things may have changed.

"Greater things are yet to come; Greater things are still to be done..."

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Freely You gave it all for us

Surrendered Your life upon that cross

Great is the love

Poured out for all


Lifted on high from death to life

Forever our God is GLorified

Servant and King

rescued the world


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Drummer Girl

Since it is kinda slow on the blog these days, thought to share this clip that I have recorded during the youth rally practice...

Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your ears...errr...eyes in this case. Fear not, I tell you, fear not that our brother Andrew (drummer boy) is leaving us, God has provided us another, our very own drummer girl!!!




People, we kick off the first EY meeting of the year with a visit from the BSGC youths. The program for the following two days shall be as follows:

Friday 9 Jan 2009

Karaoke Session at Jusco at 8:00pm
Cost: RM 10 per person for Karaoke
Additional Cost: Supper ~ Depending on how you eat (For ex: Shireen, bring the bank; Adeline, bring your brother)
Time: 7:45pm meet in Elim / 8:00pm meet in Jucso
Ending: Max 11:00pm

Saturday 10 Jan 2009
Time: Meet in Elim at 8:00am
Going for breakfast (Cost~ refer to above item for supper)
9:00am ~ Frissbee friendly with BSGC; followed by Captain's Ball
12:00pm ~ Lunch (Cost~refer to above breakfast)
Afternoon ~ Option (Bowling/Cyber)
6:30pm ~ Dinner (Cost ~ refer to above lunch)
8:00pm ~ Night Worship

So, people, lets show the BSGC some of the good old Ipoh hospitality and have some fun before the school's work (Add Maths homework) starts to pile up. For those of you who are bored out of your mind, this will be meetings tailored for you. So see you there!!!


PS: EYers, do let me or Kar Wai (the more handsome one for the rest and less handsome one for Ber) know if you are joining or post it in the comments or chat box.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Time Has Come!!!

As you all would have known by now, the Youth Rally was held and our EY worship team (shall I say EY Rockers) did their job. Not only did they do a great job, it was indeed a great night to remember and boy, what a way to start off the year 2009. Enough of the superlatives and praises, let me give you my perspective of the event from the training to the event proper.

The History...(don't yawn's quite interesting...)

I got a call from William in the month of October or thereabouts. He told me that the Scripture Union called him up and asked whether can the Elim Youth handle a worship session during the Youth Rally. I thought to myself, 'Wow! They asked for us!' That took a moment before it registered and I wondered 'What? They asked for us? Do they know who or what they are asking EY to do?' I knew the EY could sing and play the instruments but seriously as a band to handle an International Youth Rally worship session is entirely a different ball game. Then again, this is indeed a chance for the EY and on the spot, I would have agreed to handle it but I needed to cleared it with the EYs first.

I spoke to Shireen and asked her to consider to take up the challenge. Why her? Not too sure, but the Fifth Formers were preparing for their SPM exams and I wanted the EYs to run with this not the older ones. She was asking me for something; heck, she called me, so I asked her. Told her to pray about it.

Before she told me her answer, two days later I told William that we (the EYs) will take up the challenge. (Yeah, this is called in Chinese 'chop later?'

The Preparation ... (No, I am not getting long winded, but the story had to be told...)

Told Shireen to pray for this and gather her troops and start praying as well as the song selection. I knew that we have not done this before, at least not in this scale and with the crowd of people who has done this the day they joined church, so we pretty much start from scratch. Doing this the 'brethren' style and way. Then I got a call from William saying that he had reserved the finale spot for us. Again, was quite shocked but then again, if we want to do this, might as well do this in a big way.

The troops gathered and somehow (Though I think the Lord had a lot,.. everything to do with this), the older youths, okay, for the vain ones, the more experience youths joined the troop. Ricky and Clarence came back for their holidays and contributed much.

The team had their first practice, I wasn't there so could not really comment. The second practice, I was around. Boy, oh boy, what a practice that was. The first song was the Body of Christ and there wasn't much body there. The tension was high and feelings were frayed. Somehow, I still had the confidence (again quite sure from above) that this is an issue that we, the worship team needed to settle before they can work together. God need to break us before the molding starts. We had our first test there and how we faced it would determine the course of the worship team.

After the painful (yeah, painful for me, I don't quite like confrontations and frayed emotions) incidents, the troop bonded. Praise God, not only they bonded, they grew and matured as well. For me, even if the worship session is called off, I am glad, for the team had grown, had depended on God and matured as individuals and as a body. They never looked back after that.

The Event ...(Phewww...again, not long winded but had to be told...)

The day started off quite gloomy. The sky was overcast and it slowly began to rain. We were supposed to be in Ipoh Wesley by 12 pm for the final sound check and we were on time but the equipments were still being set up. We went for lunch (Clarence ate like there is no tomorrow and complained of indigestion later during the rally....haiz...) Came back for the practice. The rain did not let up. Frankly as far back as I can remember, I never remember a day that rained for such a long time. It began in the morning and by the time we were back for the practice, it was still raining.

The EY worship team doing their final practice

The whole rally was then postponed 30 minutes and the crowd was not coming in when the clock hit 6:30pm. The rain was letting up but it was still drizzling. The Youth Rally began with the marching in of the various youths from the different countries. It then proceeded with the presentations from 4 different countries youths. That lasted about an hour before the first worship team from Ipoh Wesley went on stage.

At that time I was praying to the Lord that as He has led us thus far; provided the youths with the occasion like this; enabled them to experience His guidance and strength, that HE would not deprive them of this experience. And...I saw the moon and some stars; I thought to myself, indeed, how great is our God!!!

It was time for the Elim to get on stage. Saw them praying at the corner and was greatly encouraged. I picked a good spot and promised to tape the whole 'performance' on my 'inadequate' camera (Haiz...where's the designated camera?!!!)

Some of the youths at the rally

Some of the youths worshipping during the various churches 'performance'

They went on stage and started to sing. The first two songs may not be that familiar to the crowd but as I was taping the whole thing, I saw people began to warm up and started to worship God. They began to response to the EY worship team and by the time we sang our third song 'How Great is Our God', they were fully into the worship, as were our EY worship team. I saw the team members worshipping together, not so much as performing but actual worship! Praise God...

In the end, as you all would know by now, the team did a great job. I prayed and hoped that this would be an event they never forget and will be an event that will changed them. An event that they will looked back and remembered God. Remember who God is and what He can do.

(The whole worship took about 30 minutes, could not really post that up. If I did, we need to tranfer to a new blogspot. I have however edited it and am posting the final song up)


PS: One last thing...good, no,.. great job!!!

Dear all,

gosh, the first sentence is always the hardest to construct. i had to write and backspace and rewrite and backspace a few times.

my holiday is finally coming to an end! how time flies! this one month break is truly rejuvenating, fun and crazy altogether. as much as im feeling very excited to embark on my new job, i too, am feeling utterly heavy-hearted to leave.

the youth camp, the carolling, the yumcha session, the christmas prom night, the watchnight service, the international youth rally... wow, im really glad im home! imagine all the happening stuff i will be missing if i didnt come back.

most of all, i delight in the fellowship we share, the bonding we have with one another and the way we paint the town red together :)

a lot of us will be leaving ipoh come this sunday, when school and uni reopens. bear in mind that no matter where we are, we're just a phone call or a SMS away. dont let our strong ties fade. let's continue to uphold each other and keep one another in prayer.

a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity
Proverbs 17:17

last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE WILLIAM. you're one year hotter. hahah.

am gonna miss you fellas. take care, keep well, goodbye and God bless.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!


As we welcome year 2009, lets take moment to reflect on what we have done in the year 2008. Indeed it has been a blessed year for the EY and I am glad that you, the EY have made us (the EY advisors) a part of it. Seeing how you all have grown and matured, has indeed encouraged us in our walk as well. So EYs, good job!!!

Began the year with a visit to Ipoh Wesley Youth

Kicked off the BUG. EY, you are the core the group. Thanks for the support

Kicked off the EY program as well. Back in the good old days when Clarence has no hair...wait isn't the hair supposed to fall off when you get older and not the other way around....hmmm it means Clarence is getting younger all the time...

Had our first baptism for EY. (Not all of them are in this picture)

Went to Sg. Klah for our next EY Program. Planned and ran by EY themselves, and we had 70 plus people going. Not bad, huh?

Visited the Salvation Army for our next EY program, also planned and ran by the EYs. See, EYs are not always thinking about fun and games.

Went to visit BSGC and went to Sunway Lagoon. (Again, not all are in the picture)

Our next EY program. To me, the highlight of the night was Adeline and Rachel songleading. GREAT JOB!!!

Visited Batu Gajah Gospel Hall Youths> We went back later to play frisbee with them. We also visited AOG and Cornerstone Youth Fellowships

Launched our Caregroup. Had a lot of 'makan' The best for me was the BBQ, when 'some' of the big eaters were not around...

We had another baptism for the EYs

Joined BSGC for their youth camp in Pahang.

Had carolling. This was an early picture of the practice. Towards the end we had about 38 youths in our carolling team

Everyone got to dressed up for the final project of the year. Prom Night 2008 on Christmas Eve. Again planned and ran by EYs and AOG youths

The ladies of the night.
So, folks as we head or rather are in the year 2009, let's us continue the good work that you all have started and build on it, remembering the good and not forgetting the bad, so that we may continue to improve and grow.