Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hidden 'Dragoness' and Crouching 'Tigeress'

Today we had a test run of some of the telematches that we are going to play on this coming Nov 10, 2007 with ten other churches. Several things needed to be worked out in terms of timing and the practical running of the matches. Needless to say, we bravely volunteered our EY for the task of testing and commissioning of the games. And of course, our EY also bravely answered the call. Little do we know that in the midst of the games, we have discovered our own "hidden 'dragoness' and crouching 'tigeress'" Let us set the scene for you

One of the game that we tested was a balloon tossing game. The objective is to toss a water filled balloon to a team member standing about 2 arms length behind. So it was a wee bit difficult toss over the head to the back. And of course for those who are wondering, we filled the balloon to a fair bit size and soaked it in soap water just to make things interesting because with our capable youths, a straight forward toss of balloon would put them to sleep. So the game proceeded with much fun as none of the teams managed to complete a throw, that is to toss the balloon from one member to another until they reached the last member. On one of the toss, our 'kung fu' expert (pictured) eyed an oncoming balloon that was soaring a bit high due to an over eager toss from her team mate. Knowing that the balloon was heading away from her, she leaped up with a twirl (did we mention that she was also a ballet dancer as well) and snatched the balloon with both her hands. A superb save that (for the football fanatics) even Peter Cech would find it hard to match. Alas, her strength was too strong that the minute her hands caught the balloon, it exploded in a spectacular burst. We of course took note of her prowness and for the rest of the games, deferred to her most of the time while we thought of what her hands could do to our heads. Be warned


Friday, October 26, 2007

Candle In The Dark


Here's an illustration to begin with. If you had 50 dollars and you knew you were going to lose it somehow, would you
a) choose to guard it with your life, despite knowing the outcome or
b) choose to use it for a purpose that would last forever?

It was past three in the morning, when the words of Jim Elliot began playing in my head. I was actually trying to figure out a post for our youth's blog when these words surfaced :

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."                                                                                      Jim Elliot

A simple sentence, yet simple enough to carve a deep impact in me during RBS 2006. A brief history of Jim Elliot can be found here. After learning from a missionary about the Auca Indians in the jungles of Ecuador who had never heard of God before, Jim, together with 4 men, made a bold decision to reach out to them, in light of their violent behaviour towards outsiders. Even so, Jim and team never feared for their lives.

Everything went well at first, and the story would have been an "undramatic" one if not for the ending of it. Eventually, Jim and 4 of his companions were speared to death by the Auca Indians. It's sad but nevertheless, Jim and company had anticipated all of this before embarking on this missionary journey. One would have thought that it's such as waste - 5 brilliant and promising young men, martyred for God, without bearing any fruits of their labour.

But few years later, Jim and team proved the world wrong, when the Auca Indians eventually accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Who would have thought that the very persons who speared this 5 men to death, would become Christians in the end? And that's the miracle, no one, but only God can do.

The irony of this story was, many years later, during Steve Curtis Chapman's concert, he invited Steve Saint ( the son of Nate Saint, one of the 5 martyred ), together with Mincaye, one of the Auca Indians who speared the 5 to death, on stage to perform together. There were no grudges between Steve Saint and Mincaye. The killings and deaths all seem to evaporate on that very stage. Tears flowed, and it was a very touching performance. Steve Saint even regarded Mincaye as his grandfather! That is truly forgiveness, in its highest level.

In the illustration above, the 50 dollars would represent our lives, whereas the options given represent how we choose to use our lives. Jim Elliot was a man after God's heart. He chose to use his life, even giving it in the end, all for the sake of those who had never heard of God before. Indeed, how beautiful are the feet of those who carry the good news.  

This story doesn't call for all of us to be Jim Elliots. But maybe it's time for us to re-think back on what we're living for. Shakespeare once wrote a poem, Life's Brief Candle. Would the story of your life be a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? Or would your life be a candle in the dark?

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

BSGC Youth Camp


Forgot to update this as well, must be getting old. People take note, the BSGC has again invited us to join them in their youth camp. The details are as follows:

Date: December 15 to 18
Venue: Capernwray, Harvest Haven, Gopeng
Cost: Should be about RM 150

So do keep this in mind. Also bear in mind that our own Elim church camp is on Dec 8 to 11. So choose wisely. We, that is the older kakis in the EY have no preferences which you should go to and will not be upset at your choices. That said, you should consider going to one. Anyway, for that two Saturdays, we will also not have any EY meetings.


PS: This year BSGC have also invited the KCC youths and BGGH youths. Do not know whether they will join but should be fun.

News Flash!!!


Some new developments:

This week EY, we will not be playing Captain Ball but will try out some of the telematches that we will be playing during the Inter Church Games. Be prepared to get wet. So be warned!

The proposed outing to the Capernwray and Lata Kinjang is again postponed due to some unforseen circumstances. Sorry. Will try to have it back on as soon as possible.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Meeting like usual + UPDATES!!!

We’ll be resuming our youth meeting like usual this Saturday (27/10/2007). Our topic will be “Money Matters”. Do come and join us. We’ll be having Captain’s Ball after the meeting if the weather is fine and time. =p

Regarding the youth outing on the 3rd and 4th November, we’ll be leaving Ipoh in the morning. Our first destination is Lata Kinjang. We’ll be having some programmes there. After that, we’ll be going to Caperwray. To those who haven’t been there, it’s a very nice place. Comfortable bed, good food, nice environment and lots lots more!!! We’ll be having barbeque for dinner. There’s also a swimming pool there. You can either swim there or sleep there. =p The fun that you’ll be having all depends on you guys. We’ll be leaving Capernwray the next day. Further information will be posted soon. Thanks.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthdays of the month October!!!!

A big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those who are having their birthdays this month!!!

5th-Li Yen
17th-Clara, Yan Hoe

No youth meeting for 2 weeks!!!

Please take note that we won't be having any youth meeting this Saturday(13/10/2007) because of the Hari Raya holidays. We will not be having our youth meeting on the following saturday (20/10/2007) as well because we'll be having our 4th Saturday evening worship on that day. Do come and join us.

Our trip to Capernwray has been postponed. It's on the 3rd and 4th of November. The program will be the same. Further information will be posted soon.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

EY meeting

We'll be continuing our youth meeting as usual. Starts at 3.30p.m. Come and join us and have fun!!! =)