Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love Week

Hey guys, Nite Worship is coming this Saturday. I would like to call this nite worship as the Love Week.

Love week because for this week's nite worship, we are going to sing about Jesus' love and we gonna tell Him that we love him and we adore him.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bukit Merah Trip Postponed T.T

Latest update on our Bukit Merah trip,I am so sorry that we have to postpone the trip because on the same day we will be having an Easter Outreach in Elim church..Sob Sob. If you guys realise I used the word "postpone" not cancel,hehe, meaning we will still have it but not this Sat. We will postpone it to somewhere in June during school holidays, so that you guys can enjoy more and invite more friends to come..:)(Check blog for latest update on this trip)

Since I am going to post this, so just take this time to promo a bit about our Easter Outreach this Sat. This group of people from Gospel Hall KL will be presenting a musical outreach entitled "I Know My Redeemer Lives". It will start at 8pm, so again, if you are coming pls invite your friends as well.OK?

p/s: No EY this Sat(24 April 2010).



Friday, April 16, 2010

Bukit Merah + Bukit Tambun

Its EY program time again. And this time we will be going to Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort..Hoorayyy.
Since we go all the way to Bukit Merah, and not going to another ‘Bukit’ will be a bit waste right? So after Bukit Merah we shall continue on our journey to Bukit Tambun for SEAFOOD dinner. Sounds good?
So guys, get ready your sun block ok!! Do get your friends to join us as well.
The details are as below:-
Date    : 24 April 2010
Time    : Meet in Elim Church at 8am
              Will reach church most probably at 8pm.
Cost     : RM 25 (Entrance Fee for Bukit Merah Water Park)
              Approx RM15 (Dinner and Transportation)

Do let us know if you are joining as we need to arrange transport. Call me  or Katan if you need any further info.
See ya guys!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


All of us did have lots of fun playing with the kids and helping them colouring the Easter Egg. Though it was a bit last minute and not much preparation but by the grace of God, we all did quite a good job. So, well done guys!

Here are some of the pics from the visit

Not quite sure what Andrew is trying to show the kids.

Stevie seems to be enjoying himself very much with the post.


Eh, what’s up doc?

Yesus Pokok dan Kita Cabangnya…

The best designed Easter Egg Award for the nursery category.

The Primary

Lastly, the secondary

From the visit, what encouraged me the most is actually the initiative shown by our sister Eliza and also the support given by the youths in organising this visit. Well, a lot of you guys might be wondering why she initiated this. During one of our care group, all of us actually committed to do something as part of the ‘Change The World’ thingy and so Eliza took up this challenge.

Many of us attended the concert and I believe many of us already forgotten what the concert is all about. It’s not about the music, it’s not about the people but it’s about the world out there. Are we still sitting back in our comfort zone and pretend the world is doing fine or are we going to do something to make a difference?


Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, we have been in ‘dead’ mode for quite some time….N I think its time to revive once again.
To start of with, still remember the pictures below?

Yeah, its our visit to the Salvation Army Orphanage Home(Jalan Kampar) back in July 2008.
I remembered someone promising the kids that they will visit them again. So whoever that is, you better keep your promise. :)

Thanks to our dear sister Eliza and Hui Xian, they are organising a visit to the orphanage house this Sat). The orphanage house is actually having an Easter Celebration this Sat, so we will be helping them in taking up some of the activities.

Details are as below:
Visit Salvation Army Orphanage Home (Jalan Kampar)
Time : 2.00 – 4.30pm
Date : 3rd April 2010

1. Confirm your attendance with Eliza or Hui Xian. Call them, msg them, post comment...up to you. They need the numbers to arrange transport.
2. We will meet in church at 1.30pm sharp.
3. Those having Add Maths tuition are most welcome to join us after the class. (Katan, if you wish you can even cancel the class)

2.00-2.30  Singspiration
2.30-3.00  Ice-breaker, Games
3.00-4.00  Helping kids colouring the Easter Eggs
4.00-4.30  Tea-time + Photographs

Any questions, you can either ask Eliza or Hui Xian. See you guys this Sat.