Monday, December 28, 2009

Ikan Bakar!!!

Many things came together to make the youth camp 09 a success. One of the objectives that the camp committee had set was to have groupings that are smaller in size to facilitate the discussions. This of course demanded much more in terms of manpower. In this camp, we had youth advisors from three different churches coming in to help, to participate, to do their part...and on top of that, they have to pay for the camp fees. It was not a holiday for them.

So here's a post to salute these workers of the Lord. They worked behind the scenes, not wanting reward and glory. Chipping in how and where they can. Thank you...GREAT JOB!!!

Jamezz, aka LIFEGUARD

Sara...aka..The Big Sister

Teik Onn...aka Guitarman

Kok Ming...aka The DOC

Ian...aka..The Eyes (camera la) & Esther...aka...The 'Beauty'

Alan...aka...The 'Teacher'

Sook Fern...aka..The 'Madam'

Yew Weng...aka...The Madam's Man

Mike...aka...The 'Fun'

Kar Wai...aka..The 'Bill'

Kevin...aka...The 'Simon'


PS: What's the ikan bakar title for? Well, Shireen promised the advisors ikan bakar for their hard work. So I am thinking...she better pay up.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas time! Many have been thinking that it's a time to have fun, party, shop till you drop, etc. But, it's not all only about that. Many have missed the most important point of Christmas. It is a day where we remember the birth of Christ Jesus. Santa Clause and his "Hohoho!" have always been the center of attraction when it comes to Christmas. Isn't it sad to see people misunderstanding the true meaning of Christmas? In many places, you see banners being hung up wishing people Merry Christmas. But, have you noticed the word "Christmas" is replaced with "Xmas"? You see people replacing the word "Christ" with "X"! Can you believe it!? I don't know it matters to you or not. To me, it's sad that they take Christ out of the picture.

Yesterday, when I went to Elim Chinese for their Christmas celebration. They were having this sketch with 4 radio channels (988, Ai FM, Elim FM and My FM). It was hillarious. But, the message was carried through. The whole sketch can be summarized by the video below. Sit back, relax and watch it. Let God speak to you through this video. It may be something you've known long ago. But, it carries different meaning to each individual every time you listen or watch it.

Blessed Christmas everyone! God bless =)

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Yo people,
A gang of Hongkies from the Soccer in Christ are coming to Malaysia today. So, we are organising some activities for them which we would like the youths to join as well.

1. Trip to Lost World of Tambun
Date : 28/12/2009 (Monday)
Venue : Lost World, Tambun
Time : 8.30am-around 3.00pm (if you want to have breakfast together)
9.15am-around 3.00pm (if you don't wish to join the breakfast)
Gather @ Elim
Price : RM 30 (adult)
RM 24 (children below 12)
F.O.C (children below 90cm in height)
*Please bring along extra money for food (breakfast and lunch on your own expenses)
Person to Contact : Kar Men
Dateline : 27/12/2009 (Sunday) 5pm

2. Pasar Malam
Date : 28/12/2009 (Monday)
Venue: Somewhere around Gunung Rapat
Time : 7.00pm-around 9.30pm
Gather @ Elim
Person to Contact : Kar Men
Dateline : 27/12/2009 (Sunday) 5pm
* Bring along some money if you don't want to just ENJOY ppl eating their food. (I think that means if you don't want to see people eating and not yourself)

3. Christmas Party a.k.a. Gathering
Date : 29/12/2009 (Tuesday)
Venue : Elim
Time : 7.30pm-11.00pm
Price : F.O.C
Dress Code : Formal (Dress, Tuxedo)
Person To Contact : Cindy Chun / Amelia Ling
Dateline : 27/12/2009 (Sunday) 5pm
* Please bring along a present which cost less than RM10

4. Prize Giving Night
Date : 30/12/2009 (Wednesday)
Venue : Elim
Time : 7.30pm-9.30pm

The above was prepared by Shireen. I didn't edit one part of it because I find it rather cute. Haha.. (it's the part where I written my comment in small fonts)

Kau Sahabat Ku; Kau Saudara Ku

This Youth Camp 09 was also the first one that had three youth groups combining. Also not forgetting our friends who are not from any youth groups and some who are from Seremban. At the first gathering during the camp, the camp was so quiet, it was kinda funny to see 80+ youths sitting in a hall quietly. Towards the end, we can't get them to keep quiet.

So this series of pictures (a very small number), let's be reminded of the friendship that we have built. Between EY & EAOG & YW@P & Seremban & Friends. Indeed...'Kau Sahabat Ku; Kau Saudara Ku'.

We will be having a Thanksgiving Party for the Camp...on 29 December 2009. Apparently a formal wear occassion. More to keep tuned....


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sing, Sing, Sing

One of the highlights of the camp was the worship sessions. This time round as we have a combination of three youth groups, each youth group was allocated two worship sessions. For the EY, we had our sisters, Amelia Low & Su En and Rachel Chow & Kimberly. Both teams, first timers. For the EAOG, we had Alixia & Seline and Shu Wei & Seline...again, first timers. For the YW@P, we had Ian & Esther (not exactly first timers but the musicians were first timers) and Glenn Low.

For the first timers, it was indeed a joy to see them taking on such roles and challenge. We could see their nervousness and fear and yet they took on the challenge. It was indeed wonderful. I also saw in EY not too sure about the other youth groups but I am pretty sure that the situation would also be the same where the older ones would come along to support and encourage and teach.

For Glenn Low, well, bro what can I say. I remembered last year youth camp, I literally needed to force you to take on the worship role. How far you have come and matured. Indeed, it was a great joy to see you taking on such role and giving you best skills and talents in bringing worship to God.

As for the rest of the campers....


PS: Ooops nearly forgot, we shall now continue with the farewell for the Ber&Shi...

On the left, Ber...on the right, the middle of a hot day feeding each the presence of witnesses somemore...haiz....suddenly the day got much colder...brrrrrr.....

Shi can dance!!!! Shi can twirl and shake the bon bon!!!

You There!!! More coming up...stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Everyday, It's You I Live For!!!

Throughout the camp, I have seen the many blessings of God that continually reminds me that His grace and mercy surpasses any understanding. Even in our unbelief, God has kept His promise and shown His faithfulness throughout. Let me count the ways He has blessed us with you (This list is by no means exhaustive...)
  • Starting from the first day, the two busses ferrying two groups from KL and Ipoh arrived at the jetty at about the same time. This enabled the WHOLE camp to reach the camp site at the same time. Something even when planned for cannot be carried out what more when it is unplanned...
  • Throughout the camp, we have good weather for all our activities, later I found out that in Ipoh, it was raining throughout...
  • The first day we have power interruptions, the fuse was blown...two times and affected...the rooms, not the hall where the session was conducted...
  • We have no injuries to the campers though we were involved in much physical activities
  • On the first day, the music was louder than the campers, towards the end, the campers were louder...period.
  • The worship was...superb. Especially on the last worship session (during the altar call)...enough said.
  • Seeing the younger ones take up the challenge of song leading (many were first timers) and also the older ones maturing in their role (song leading as well as discusion leading)
  • The assistance given by the MANY youth advisors...In every group we have at least one youth advisors to assist. (Shireen, you seriously owe them ikan bakar)
  • The bonds that was built from the camp...just check out the Facebook...
  • AND...the final challenge. I have never seen a final challenge in a youth camp at least where all, nearly all the campers were moved. When Philip took the bold move of asking the people to move back and clear and empty space in front, I was apprehensive. After a long time (at least it seem like a long time to me), I was worried. I prayed that God will revealed His hand and power, to show the camp committee and the campers of what He is able to do. God did. He not only shown them but shown me as well.
  • None of us lost our voice...seriously...not even one!!!
  • Amen...(many more....)

Well, let's continue on with the silliness and fun of course....


He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

And the story continues...(The love story..wink wink)

What'cha looking at???

PRETENDING to be cute


The REAL SHIREEN (She potrayed Shireen in a skit, pretty accurate huh?)

Dive, Dive, Dive!!!

Till, next time..CHiLL...more on the way!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Youth Camp 09 Pics....

Ok, the youth camp is finally over. It was a great time, a blast actually. Three days down, and I finally or rather am trying to get back some sort of resembalance to normal life. It was that tiring. More about the greatness and kindness of God. I just want to wet your appetites of the pictures we took during the camp (Ian alone took over 800 pictures)....So onto the pictures (a very, very small number of it...)

I like to begin with this...A LOVE STORY?

(NOTE: Jon is Philip's son and Philip has said during the camp that he will love his daughter in law more than the son, but he hopes/insists/prays that his son will only start a relationship when he is in the late twenties)

Some of the siliness in the camp. Would like to start with this two 'monkeys' as they will be leaving us soon...(for their studies...Shi & Ber...consider this THE BEGINING of the farewell...;P)

(The 'peeping' tom is case she denies this...)

What about the rest? Well...coming some of us like to say...haiz...No Eye See...