Saturday, December 27, 2008

Blessed Be the Name of The Lord!!!

Now that the Prom Night is over and as I wait for the other cameras to pass me their photos, let's revisit the youth camp photos. I still have tons of it to post and my brief 'vacation' to Vietnam, sort of 'potong' steam on my series of posting. So let's check out the camp photos.

I liked to call this series 'Blessed be the Name of the Lord' as per Matt Redman's song. I realized one thing during the camp, is that how far have we progressed as a Youth Group. How wonderful and blessed we are, with the group of youths (mainly you fellas); the older youths (mainly...still you fellas) who still remember us and do your part; and the advisors (mainly...we fellas) who contribute in all sort of 'backgroundnish' ways. So let's us say and sing...

"Every blessing you pour out, I'll turn back to praise"

The Ladies...

The Gents...

The Youth Rally team doing their stuff...

The Youth Rally audience doing their stuff...

And still doing their stuff..

One of the camp worship lead by EY team 1

Another camp worship also led by EY team 2

The campers worshipping God...

One of the scenes that made me praise our Lord, the sight of EY worshipping God...

Thank you Lord, Amen!!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Prom Photos 2nd Edition

As promised, the second series of the prom photos. Do stay tune for other pictures. Will upload them as I get them from other 'cameras'. So lets dive right in to the pictures...

The view of the prom night when the people still 'paiseh-paiseh'

Girls sitting by themselves

Guys sitting by themselves.

The youths doing the banana dance. All dressed up to dance the banana dance...

Clarence:'Give me some sugar' Daphne:''

The five blind muskerteers

Boys trying to impress the girls. Key word...trying.

Girls just wanna have fun....

At the end of the prom night, we crowned our very own prom king and queen. We also have another category which is the best dressed male and female.

Our own Prom King

Our Prom Queen

Our Prom King and Queen

Our Royal King and Queen doing their moves on the dance floor

Our Best Dressed Male Winner

Our Best Dressed Female Winner

Prom Night Winners Photo Shoot. What exactly did they win? A wonderful paper crown!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Prom Photos

As promised the first series in the prom photos...I know people like to say that I like to say that a pic paints a thousand words...well it does...So fasten your seatbelts and check this out...

There is a reason why Clarence looked like this...(later in the series)

There is also a reason why Amelia looks like this...

Our receptionist...

We are not teaching them a new prayer style...just some of the dudes doing the banana dance

Ahhh the reason Clarence is grinning silly, he is playing in one of the prom games...He gets to hold a girl's hand and try (in his case pretends) to wrap a present. We all know why he came in last...

Group Photos


PS: Stay tune for the next set...

Prom Night!!!

People, I know you all are a bit anxious waiting for the prom nite photos and I have taken quite a number of them (good and bad...hehe). Will post it up part by part. So many things are happening at one go that I am a bit back logged in terms of photo uploading. I am behind in the camp photos, the carolling and now the prom. So please be patient...

To give you all a taste, the hall decorations of the prom night...


PS: The dressed up youths of EY and AOG next...

Christmas Carolling

Today marks the final day of the carollers singing together. After months of practice, of attendance that were not regular; of some off tune singing; off much laughter and fun: its finally over. So how was it? How was the carolling? Well, lets see...

We sang for at total of 6 days, the first is at Mun Keat's house. Then we sang at the Sunday School Christmas Celebration. We also sang at the Vineyard's Christmas Celebration. And then we went to Li Yian's House. We then went to Kian Aun's parents' house (again note: it is Kian Aun's parents' house) followed by Uncle William's castle. Finally, today we sang at the Elim's Christmas Service.

Well, truth be told, we are not that good. We sounded great but we won't really win any competition. But then again, we are not out to win any competitions. We sang to our hearts content; we gave our best (At the end of today's performance, many of the carollers' voices were a bit coarse); we had much fun and made many friends. And so today we bid the carollers goodbye with a heavy heart. We hope to see you all again and God willing, we will again sing to our hearts content in 2009.


The 'Mug Shots'

PS: Special Thanks to the following people:
  1. Shireen Chow (Choir Conducter/Leader/PiC)
  2. Glenn, Clarence, Yan Hoe (Guitarist)
  3. Soloists
  4. Drivers
  5. Parents who lend the cars to the drivers
  6. Backstage brothers and sisters who helped in the training and logistics
  7. People who opened their homes

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

xing tan fai lok

today marks the last day of the carollers' 2 days stint carolling from houses to houses. there were sighs of relief accompanied by a certain heavy hearted that this has come to an end.

okay... i'll write less this time. it has been a really long day and my brain is shutting down. so, brace yourself. some pictures and a video coming right up!

hey! guess what? my connection is acting up on me today. takes forever to upload the photos. sorry, have to potong stim a bit. i promise i will work on this the first thing tomorrow morning.

sleep well. good night!


RISE AND SHINE!!! as promised... here are the videos and photos.

thanks to youtube, we can listen to feiwong's singing over and over AND OVER again!!! oh what joy!

last but not least, the highly anticipated video of all! ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you... katan & wanli's duet!!!

okay... im done :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

carollers' carolling craze

it was raining cats and dogs today! and as if the rain wasnt bad enough, the church van has to breakdown halfway. adding to that, the 6 cars that were supposed to be tailing each other lost sight of the other cars and went sesat. reminds me of The Amazing Race in the recent Youth Camp where we had to go through lots of hurdles. think: yucky food.

come what may, because the semangat membara within the youths werent so easily dampen by the downpour. a big round of applause goes to you guys! not only did you all sang well, your cheerful demeanour spreads throughout the house and beat away the gloom! all hail kent lee the shuffle king!!!

please turn your head 3 o'clock

this time round, i personally like the colour code of red for the girls and white for the guys. it exudes a very chrismassy feeling without being too formal. a major revamp has taken place as well. there werent any conductor in the olden days, like 5 years back. but today, we have shireen leading the group. i like the last part too, the hand-shaking part when you're all singing "we wish you a merry christmas". gives me a very warm, fuzzy and friendly feeling.

to lead a group of youngsters and train them up is not an easy feat. shireen, you did well! :) what you did is beyond our expectations, causing us (me) to look down in shame. you've grown so much in a short span of one year and we're all so proud of you!

im sure there are many people working quietly behind the scene. these people are sometimes called the unsung heroes. wira yang tidak terbelah bagi :P oft, they're the ones doing the petty works that people deem as less important. katan, wanli, kokming, wai-wai, uncle william (sorry if i missed anyone out) -- you deserve a mini magnum! :)

isnt it amazing to see how God has blessed our EY?