Thursday, August 27, 2009

EY Program...

This coming Saturday...29 August 2009, we will be having our EY Program. The details are as follows:

(duh...actually it is a gathering for the BUG fellowship with prize giving, games and food)

(It is the new building, with the badminton courts)

5:00pm to 8:00pm
(Time changed from normal EY meeting, cause we are providing dinner. Why so long? Well, there will be games, prize giving and what do you expect?)

So see you all there...


PS: We will also be inviting other youth fellowships to join us, so be there, be good....

Monday, August 24, 2009


Round 2...Ding! Ding! Fiiiigghhhhhtttt....errrr.....Ultimate!!!. That's right, last sunday, we had the round two match up between Cornerstone and EY for the deciding game. Since it is between two youth fellowship only and only one game remained to be played, we played two 30 minutes halves.

EY Team warming up

Cornerstone warming up

Cornerstone reserve cum cheerleading team

EY Reserve cum Cheerleading team

EY first 7 as was before, 5 guys 2 gals. This time round we played with a twist, gals scoring for 2

Cornerstone first 7 players

Impromtu cheerleading...using slippers, but one of them did not wear slippers...hmmm where did she get the slippers from?
It was a 'close' affair, with EY starting the first throw. The first half ended with Cornerstone leading 13 - 6

In the second half, EY rallied and fought with gusto. The final score.....

Cornerstone won 20 - 18

All in all, a great time frissbee, anyone?


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Last Sunday, 16 August 2009...the Ipoh BUG organized an ultimate frisbee competition match between EY and the Cornerstone Youths. It was to be a series of games, 3 games in total. Each game consists of 15 minutes halves with a 5 minutes break in between. Each team consist of 7 members, 5 males and 2 females....

Cornerstone Youths warming up...

EY warming up

Cornerstone Youths first team line up...

EY first 7 line up...

EY Cheerleaders...

Cornerstone Cheerleaders

We actually started the game around 530pm and due to the time constraints, we only managed to finish 2 games out of three...The results? Well...

First game, EY won 7 - 4

Second Game, Cornerstone won 10 - 5

All in all, both the teams played their hearts out. Spectacular touch downs, awesome defensive blocks, acrobatic leaps were the norm of the day. As it is with all competitive games, there were some tension between the players when things did not go their way. But in the end, the better team won. But this is not the end. The stage has been set. One win each, the next could decide the Champions...Are you ready?...


Group photos...(all the players...)

Well now, the third and final game...will be played this weekend...


Monday, August 10, 2009

EY Meeting 8 Aug 2009

"You give and take away, You give and take away. My heart still choose to say, Blessed be the Name of the Lord"...Matt Redman, Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Lately for our EY meeting the numbers have been dwindling. From a high of 30 plus, we now numbered about 10 plus. I thought that with the new facilities, the EY will now be heading to new heights. What a reminder to me that the facilities do not make the fellowship. Not only that we have not grown, we have shrunk in size. If this were to continue, it won't be long before we have to 'tutup kedai' as it were.

Then, I am reminded of the song by Matt Redman, Blessed be the Name of the Lord. One of the verses stated that the Lord blesses and the Lord takes away. But through it all, the song writer still praises the Name of our Lord. Now, I am not saying that the conditions of EY is now in God's hands (which it is) and we just sit back and wait for the Lord to bless again. But I am now reminded that maybe this drop in numbers is to remind us not to take things for granted. Our passion and ethusiasm for the work and to continue to strive to follow after our Lord should not waver and fall. The fact that the numbers in EY grew to 30 plus does not mean that the numbers will remain. So we should all check ourselves to see if we have strayed, especially those of us in the 'advisors' role, with me being the chief culprit.

Now, though the numbers were few, we still continue to have our meetings. The recently concluded one was led by Ricky Tan (the next chairperson???...hahaha...chill la were the chairperson last saturday. No hidden meanings...wink wink) We learnt about community and what it means to be in a family and uphold one another. Enuff' said, pictures will paint a thousand words....and of course show proof...

We began the meeting with a singing session led by Wan Li

Some of us did not sing with gusto, and a few reminders by Wan Li (like asking us to stand up and then stand on the chairs) promptly opened up our vocal chords. But alas, like some who continue to rebel, there is one who continued to be stubborn. And as all sat, one remained standing.
(Don't want to say who, but the picture tell a thousand well as show proof)

We then had a short icebreaker of tying the leg together using one hand. Winner was Kevin Koon

To illustrate the point of needing to work together, the solo work became a team work but unfortunately the illustration falls apart for Kevin Koon, who promptly became last when asked to work as a team. maybe the partner was a factor???

It was then followed by the study.



Friday, August 7, 2009

choices, choiCES, chOICES, CHOICES!!!

ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! Choices! Choices!! Choices!!!
(Post Edit: Someone suggested that we use our own people for the picture...that's why we changed the picture)

Stressed out with making decisions and choices? Confused over what you should do next? Need a break? Join us this coming December for youth camp dealing with....


Now this look like a good choice...