Sunday, June 29, 2008

Here's the second batch, as I've promised.

Ah Qi: BGR is so exciting! i'm so looking forward to it!!!!!
Janice: ahh yeah, like me too!

Fei Wong presenting the characteristics of his perfect girlfriend.

"Charming, pretty, sensitive, loyal, not too clingy, protective and obedient." Aiyo, no one is perfect lah.

Then we had our little farewell party, which started with Daphne's..dress up session.

She was already in despair before we gave her the costume.

"Don't touch my octopus, I'll fight you! GRRR! "

"CHARGE!!!" Yeah man, charge on, Daphne!

Makan session like everyone usual party and we had pretty cool foods. We had Nachos and 2 types of dips..and the entire youth crowding around them.

Here's a smarter girl who sat outside the crowd, savouring her Nachos (which was undoubtedly skillfully nicked from the table) before anyone charges her.

Natural posers.

I'll pose up more random photos, so look out for it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

When silence falls

When silence falls...what do we do? We make more noise of course! But with our brothers and sisters leaving us, they leave holes for silence to creep in. So we bid adieu to brother Clarence, Lap Fong (pardon my spelling), sister Daphne and Wan Sian...not to leave out our brother Cheng Fai.

Here's the first batch of photos:

our "oh i think i'm so cool" brother Clarence with his oh-so-cool pose. haha.

brother Kian Aun says: "Hebrews 5:12a - You are like babies who need milk and cannot eat solid food. So Clarence, you drink milk and grow up!"

brother Clarence: "Oh milk? I love it! Yumm!"

Watch me suck! Haha okay that sounded bad.

*burp* after a round of milk, the raja semalam was serenaded by very patriotic people who sang Negaraku beautifully.

moments of truth?

brother Clarence: "I'll not cry *bites lip hard*"

I'm sexay, I know.

I'm cute, I know that too.

brother Kian Aun: "Check out my pose dudettes. Clarence, no way you can do that!"

That's all folks, at least for the time being. The next batch of pictures will be up..soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tis' The Same Ol' Thing

Alright folks. Let's get straight to the point.


Well, I have been entrusted with this task since the girl who does the birthday posts is in Teluk Batik now.

Samuel, thanks for being a source of encouragement to all the youths in Elim all this while. You have shown us that age is not a barrier. There are moments we look at you and we suffer pangs of shame, seeing how much a boy so young can know and do.

Indeed, your musical talent surpasses all of us in Elim, and often I am amazed by this gift that you have. Thank you, especially for serving during morning worship, jamming session, sunday school, and outreaches. Put this gift to good use, and you'd find that there are many more wonders you can do.

And on your birthday, we just want to pray that you grow in maturity, wisdom, and with aspirations and ideals. Enjoy yourself thoroughly on this day. But always remember, a creation is nothing without the Creator.

God bless, boy. And once again, Happy Birthday!

p/s : Sorry folks for the missing pictures. Kar Men will be inserting them into this post when she's back.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

BSGC Trip Pictures!!!

Ok, people, here are the highlights of the BSCG trip pictures. There are a lot more but have only chosen the 'nicer' ones. So enjoy...
Some pics from the Sunway Pyramid excursion. Trust the girls to find food, even on some one's head. At least it was another pretty girl...

The night meeting after the dinner at BSGC. It started with a worship meeting

We then played a game called 'blow wind blow'

Alan Wong getting penalised. He could rolled quite impressively

Kevin Koon getting Kevin Ho's special welcome. Lucky dude, not all of us get this sort of welcome

The next day at Sunway Lagoon. deciding on what to play first...

The group taking a stroll along the 'river'. Here a shout out to Henry Chow who carried all our stuff and camera without complaints!!! WaY TO GO and THANKS Henry Chow!!!!

Girls frightened of the ride or the photographer...hmmm

Well, all in all was a splendid trip to BSGC. Thank you to the BSGC folks for so kindly taking us in and treating us for dinner and breakfast. Hope we did not messed up the place too much. Praise God too for the wonderful trip and for keeping us safe all the way. Also a big thank you to David who had so willingly driven some of us down. So in appreciation of the folks who contributed to the trip, let me give you this,...our very own kungfu panda clip!!!!


PS: Shi: Told ya, I will always try my best to make u 'happy'...

Monday, June 16, 2008

BSGC Trip Pictures

Some pictures from the BSGC trip, rileks people, only preliminary pictures only...more to come

A group photo, well nearly a group photo on the suspension bridge...careful, Fei Wong is there..

Haiz, some advisor took the time to bodek the GIRL,... well, can't blame him, look at his silly grin

Group photo of the gals, after rounds in the amusment rides. Can't really see it from this pic, the gals faces are green in colour. All of them feel like vomiting after a turn on a ride that goes round and round and round and round...

Haiz, some people can really sleep. Just eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat...

Another view of the ahem, sleeping beauty that awaits the kiss from the charming prince

Bernice proving to the whole, that she can gobble up any size sandwich that Subway can make.

Qi and Adeline, seeing who can get a bigger bite from the sandwich

Okay, the cream of the group photos, the guys sleeping arrangement in BSGC. Hey, it was a really cold room...a really cold room...


Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok, folks...its that time of the year again. We are heading down south for a time of fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in BSGC. Before all that fun and games with the BSGCers, let's go through again, (and again and again...) the details of the trip as made known earlier...
  • Gather in Elim on 14/06/08 at 8:00am
  • Depart for BSGC
  • Stop along the way for breakfast
  • Stop along the way in Sunway Pyramid for R&R and lunch
  • Arrived in BSGC at approx. 3:30pm (hey, its a long trip)
  • Join BSGC for their youth meeting at 4:00pm
  • Captain Ball friendly with BSGC
  • Night Program with BSGC by BSGC
  • Lights BSGC decide...
  • Morning Worship with BSGC
  • Breakfast (Brunch, if you eat a lot, really really a lot, like..Shi...:) )
  • Depart for Elim
  • Stop along Sunway Lagoon/another yet to be named place for R&R
  • Stop along the way for dinner
  • Arrived in Elim by 8:00pm (hey, it is a long journey)

Ok, the itenary settled, some ground rules

  • Whenever we stop for R&R, stick together, no hero/macho stuff and wander off alone to save the world.
  • It is a fellowship trip, so chill, enjoy and relax. Join in the BSGC games and activities.
  • Smile, Whenever any BSGC folks greet ya, you give them your best award winning smile, showing the wonderful investment that your parents had made in toothbrushes and toothpaste

Ok, itenary settled, the things to bring

  • Trip is on the house, but not shopping allowance. Bring MONEY. Don't bring your bank along but plan and budget wisely. (You probably need money for food, shopping syiok, Sunway Lagoon fees)
  • Bring appropriate clothes (Sunway Lagoon, Captain Ball, Morning Worship, PJs, etc)
  • Bring along some sleeping bag, pillow, queen size matteress, teddy bears, pacifier or anything that you need for your night time sleep.
  • Bring water.
  • Bring your brains!!!!
  • Bring the consent form. REMEMBER, not consent form, no trip...


PS: the entrance fees are as follows. Do vote in the comments place if u want to go or not. If not also suggest possible place for R&R

.: Admission Rates :.
Single Park (Extreme Park / Wildlife Park / Scream Park) RM36
Theme Park(Water Park + Amusement Park) RM48
Theme Park + Wildlife ParkTheme Park + Extreme ParkTheme Park + Scream Park RM60
All Parks RM72

Putera Gunung Lang : Kota Monyet Gatal

Al-kisah bermulanya pengembaraan 3 lelaki jati menuju ke gunung lagenda.

Jam 2.00 petang
Sebermulanya, Hang Choong, Hang Chang, dan Hang Koon bersetuju untuk berjumpa di kubu yang terbiar, dikenali sebagai Kota E.Gospel, pada 06 Jun 2008. Dalam perjalanan ke kubu, Hang Choong dan Hang Koon menemui rintangan yang hebat, mengakibatkan kedua-duanya tidak menepati masa yang ditetapkan. Sementara menunggu ketibaan sahabat-sahabatnya, Hang Chang terpaksa menghadapi 4-5 ekor musuh perempuan yang menyerangnya.

Jam 2.05 petang
Hang Chang berjaya menumpaskan musuh-musuhnya dengan ketibaan Hang Choong dan Hang Koon yang membawa keris. Ketiga-ketiga sahabat kemudiannya menaiki makhluk yang bernama Kelisa untuk memulakan pengembaraan. Dalam perlawanan sebermula tersebut, teramat banyaklah tenaga yang terhilang. Justeru, ketiga-tiga pahlawan memulakan pencarian makanan dalam menebus tenaga. Dalam perjalanan, mereka terjumpai rumah usang yang dipenuhi sarang labah-labah. Papan tanda yang tergantung bertulis - Kong Heng. Dalam keadaan yang terdesak, mereka memasuki rumah tersebut dan memenuhi jiwa mereka dengan makanan basi yang enak sama sekali.

Rumah usang Kong Heng

Makanan basi

Lebih kurang Jam 3.00 petang
Pengembaraan untuk mencari gunung lagenda bermula. Makhluk Kelisa yang kurang bertenaga akibat kenaikan harga ( RM1.92 - RM2.70 ) membawa ketiga-tiga sahabat ke kaki gunung tersebut. Di kaki gunung, seekor makhluk yang sedang menyelongkar timbunan sampah-sarap telah memberi arah jalan kepada ketiga-tiga sahabat tersebut.

Makhluk Gunung Lang

Untuk menyeberangi laut yang terbentang luas di hadapan mereka, Hang Choong, Hang Chang dan Hang Koon terpaksa mendayung sampan yang berlubang. Dengan segala tenaga yang diperolehi daripada makanan basi Kong Heng, mereka mendayung sedaya upaya dan akhirnya, berjaya menyeberangi dengan selamatnya laut yang dipenuhi dengan makhluk yang memakan daging manusia.

Rintangan laut luas

Makhluk yang memenuhi laut tersebut

Keletihan dalam mendayung sampan

Kegirangan akibat menghampiri matlamat

Setelah lebih kurang sejam mengembara Gunung Lang, ketiga-tiga sahabat tersebut gagal menjumpai Kota Monyet yang dikatakan mulia dan suci. Malahan, seekor monyet jua tidak kelihatan di seluruh tempat. Yang kedengaran cumalah laungan makhluk berkaki empat yang nyaring. Yang terlihat pula cumalah beberapa ekor makhluk yang berkeliaran. Dalam kebingungan, ketiga-tiga sahabat berani tersebut merayau-rayau, dengan harapan menemui Kota Monyet dalam lagenda tersebut.

Dalam pencarian kota lagenda

Setelah seketika, ketiga-tiga sahabat berputus-asa dan berasa amat pilu akibat kegagalan menemui Kota Monyet tersebut. Dalam kehampaan, mereka bersiap-sedia untuk melepaskan pencarian mereka dan pulang.

Muka kehampaan Hang Koon

Di pertengahan jalan pulang, mereka terkejut oleh peristiwa yang tidak terduga sama sekali. Selama ini, Kota Monyet tidak dijumpai akibat kuasa ajaib Gunung Lang yang menyebelungi kota tersebut daripada pandangan manusia. Hati yang ikhlas ketiga-tiga sahabat telah mengharukan kuasa Gunung Lang yang membuka pintu hati mereka untuk menemui Kota Monyet.

Kota Monyet dalam lagenda

Malangnya, masa telah mengubahkan segala-galanya. Monyet yang mendiami Kota Monyet tidak lagi suci seperti dahulu kala. Kini, monyet-monyet tersebut teramatlah gatal dan menyerang monyet-monyet betina tanpa kawalan. Disebabkan itu, Hang Choong terpaksa menghapuskan kaum monyet yang gatal ini dengan lembing warisan pusaka keluarganya.

Hang Choong dengan lembing

Walaupun Kota Monyet tidaklah seperti dahulu kala, namun kepuasan memenuhi hati ketiga-tiga sahabat kerana mereka berjaya mengharungi segala rintangan dalam usaha mencari kota tersebut. Hasil yang terbuah tidaklah seperti yang tersangka. Walaupun begitu, wujudlah keeratan dan kekariban antara ketiga-tiga sahabat tersebut, untuk selama-lamanya.

Hang Choong, Hang Koon, dan Hang Chang

Al-kisah tamatlah pengembaran 3 lelaki jati menuju ke gunung lagenda.

Berbanyak terima-kasih kepada Hang Chang, yang mencadangkan pengembaraan ke Gunung Lang ini, dan N73 yang menyumbang kepada gambar-gambar yang menarik di atas.