Wednesday, October 28, 2009

EY Meeting

This coming Saturday church's thanksgiving has been postponed to 14 November 2009. As such we will be having our regular youth meeting this coming Saturday. Come to think of it, it has been a long time since we had our regular youth meeting which would kind of mean that our regular youth meeting is not that regular.

With our partnership with the churches in Ipoh and the combined programs that we run, it is indeed difficult to find time to run our regular youth program. So much so that some of the youths don't even know when will there be a youth meeting. This bears some consideration. And as we approach the end of the year, we again need to reevaluate whether this lack of 'regular meeting ' is beneficial or harmful to the EY in general. So what are your thoughts?

EY Meeting
So Many Flavours
330pm to 530pm


Friday, October 23, 2009

Hillsong's Colour Conference ( Colour Your World WOmen's Conference ) is the annual Hillsong church conference for Women. The above is the multimedia presentation for the conference.

This is the original song of the song sung at the end of the presentation.

God is the indeed the God of great wonders and mighty deeds. Jesus came to give us life, life to the fullest. Let us not forget but to make ourselves remember that It is His love that saved us, It is His blood that claimed us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Program Highlights!!!

With the end of the year coming upon us, our programs too will be coming in thick and fast. We have lined up several interesting programs and of course, knowing that you all have also read the program listing at the side; I am just filling in the lack of postings by posting the program highlights....

First up, we will be having our Youth Camp 09...

15 December 09 to 18 December 09
(Have also added a counter for the places remaining in the Youth Camp)

Next up, well next does not mean the program after the youth camp but rather next up in importance and level of commitment...

Let's Change The World
25 October 2009
11:00am to 12:30pm
(It is the launch for the upcoming concert held in RPGC banquet hall on 23 Jan 10 and will be a combined meeting with EAOG youths)

We also have...

Yahoo! Exams are over!!!
6 November 2009
8:15pm to 10:00pm
(Now that exams are over, well at least for the PMR students, we will have a 'Celebration Party' for those who had finished their exams and make green eye monsters out of those sitting for their SPM...hence the Yahoo! part)

So Many Flavours
24 October 2009
(We will also be launching a new syllabus for our many flavors...does it mean ice creams...hmmm....maybe....join us to find out!!!)


Thursday, October 8, 2009


People, in light of the run for the nation program which will start from 5am and end around 12pm, the youth meeting scheduled for that afternoon will be CANCELLED.


PS: To all those who will be running...all the best....

PS2: To all those who are currently sitting for PMR, all the best also...

PS3: I am so gonna get one....(PS3 la...;))

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camp Updates...

Yes, folks...after much 'dilly dallying' and dragging our feet...(well at the very least my feet...) the youth camp 09 is on!!!. This year, we will be running/hosting/organising the camp to give our fellow brothers and sisters in BSGC a rest. (Note to BSGC...well the bible actually did mention a year of rest for 6 years of we will/shall/may organize the next youth camp in 7 years time ~ 2016)

So now, do check up this blog from time to time for the updates on the camp. (Was contemplating starting a blog or fb site for the camps...then I realized that I haven't even been diligent in updating this blog, what more another one...unless there is a volunteer...)

First thing first...check the previous posting on the camp location and date. The camp program will be out in a week or two. The camp fees...

Camp Fees: RM 180 (includes transportation from Ipoh ~ sorry BSGC folks; Camp T-Shirt; Ferry Tickets and Taxi Shuttle from Jetty to Camp to Jetty)

This time round, let's get interactive...(meaning, the camp committee wants your input. Now, we need your input but that does not mean that we have to take and implement your input, so don't get offended that your views are not entertained)...Let's check out the camp T-shirt. We have one design out but could not really decide on the colour. So I have posted the pictures here and set up a poll on the blog. Time to start voting...

Green Colour T
Blue Colour T
The Camp Forms

(The EY will be having the forms this coming saturday. EAOG will also have the forms by this weekend. BSGC, will send you the soft copy of the file for you to print or you can print it out from the image here)


PS: The spaces for the camp are actually quite limited. Due to my lack of faith, I have actually invited quite a number of youth groups among the Ipoh churches to join the camp. So, please do sign up ASAP to book your place. The closing date for the forms are 15 November 2009.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Run Nation

This coming Saturday, 10 October 2009, EY with partnership with 8 other churches in Ipoh and churches all over Malaysia, will participate in the Run For the Nation event. The event is for the churches to jog/run for 40km and also pray for the areas covered by the 40km.

The run will start at around 5am and all the 8 churches in Ipoh will finished their run at around 12pm in Elim Gospel Hall. All the runners are expected to gather in Elim 30 minutes before the respective group's scheduled time to start running (Indivual teams will receive further instruction) for briefing. All teams member will be ferried to the starting point and the runners who have completed the route will also be ferried back to Elim for the final program. We also have people on motorcycles and cars to follow the runners along the route.
The routes and runners for the routes and of course the time of the start of the run is as follows:

Route 1 ( Samuel’s hse to Jia Wei’s hse) 5am

a) Wong Weng Hong
b) Kent Lee
c) Samuel Zane

Route 2 (Jia Wei’s Hse to Teik Oon’s Hse) 5.45am

a) Ricky Tan
b) Wong Jia Wei
c) Koon Wai Kit

Route 3 (Teik Oon’s hse around Canning Gdn) 6.30am

a) Esther (EAOG)
b) Oh Chin Yi (EAOG)
c) Ethan The (EAOG)

Route 4 (Teik Oon’s Hse to Kevin Koon’s hse) 7.15am

a) Oh Teik Oon (EAOG)
b) Kenny Tham (EAOG)
c) Kim Sern (EAOG)

Route 5 (Kevin Koon’s hse to Shireen Chow’s hse) 8.00am

a) Kevin Koon
b) Vivien Loh
c) Amelia Ling

Route 6 (Shireen Chow’s hse to Pro Muscle) 8.45am

a) Shireen Chow
b) Denise Yin
c) Kah Yeng (EAOG)
d) Ophelia (EAOG)

Route 7 ( Pro Muscle to MGS) 9.30am

a) Bernice Ong
b) Cindy Chun
c) Shyn Yean (EAOG)
d) Jia Ern (EAOG)

Route 8 (MGS to Elim) 10.15am



PS: You can click on the map to get a better view. If still inadequate, message/sms me, and I will send you the maps...

Have fun running