Friday, June 26, 2009



12 December 2009 to 15 December 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear God...

Dear God,

I guess You must be tired of hearing this by now but I still would have to say it...I am wrong. Forgive me for having so little faith. I should have had learn my lesson by now. You have shown me, again and again, of what you can do and achieve if only I believe. From the construction of this wonderful hall and facilities in Elim, to the recently concluded Parent's Night. From the International Youth Rally early this year to the Mission Trip in March. From the carolling last year to the different EY programs, one really could say that I have been hit time and time again right smack in the face of what You can do and yet, and yet...

I was arranging the chairs on Thursday night and Lord, You knew in my heart, I did not quite believe we can fill the hall. I thought to myself, 'Well, this could be a tad embrassing if we cannot even fill half the hall' So we arranged 459 chairs. 459 and I thought if only we can fill the hall, that would be great. Awesome even.

The Koreans doing system checks.

By 7.00pm, only a handful came. I was not worried because it was still early. Again, I am ashamed to admit that I was not worried because I expected the numbers to be low. By 7.30pm, the crowds start to arrive. I was mildly surprised and was getting quite excited thinking to myself, well at least we can fill the 459 chairs. That would be awesome. But Lord, You had other plans.

The Koreans Praise Team

Leading in a time of worship

Lord, You filled the hall. Not only did you fill the hall, You packed it until there was no more place left. From 459, I estimated we have about 600+ people in the hall that night. Some had to stand at the stairs, some stood at the doors, some sat on the floor below the stage and some went upstairs. If 459 seats was filled and that would be awesome, Lord, You went beyond awesome. A few years ago, I remember saying how nice if one day I can see Elim having a hall that will be packed by people. It was only a wishful thinking but Lord, You showed that with You, nothing is impossible.

Some sitting at the floor

View of the hall from the front

I was thinking that with the hall packed, that was the miracle of the night. Not that it was a trivial thing, but Lord, You had other plans as well. When the altar call came, 20+ people responded. Following that 30+ people stood up asking for prayers. Lord, You are indeed awesome, more than awesome. I know, this will not end. You have indeed greater things planned and I only needed to be obedient. If only I was more obedient....

Another time will come when I will again doubt. When I will again fail You but Lord, I know now that it was never about me. It was never about what I can do for You. It is and will always be about how obedient I will be. I just need to follow after You and You will do the rest. Thank you Lord, for a wonderful night. A night that is beyond awesome.

People responding to the altar call

The people worshipping, view from the staircase

Greater Things Are Yet to Come....Amen

Your 'Disobedient' Servant


Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Systems Go...?

Alright people, the hall has been completed. Sounds systems installed. Lighting systems tested, the Korean team has been performing two previous nights at CGBC and Ipoh Wesley. It was also announced at the end of their performance that tomorrow night in Elim will be the meeting for the youths. So looks like all systems are prep to go. The bigger question is are we good to go?

We have arranged the chairs in the hall. We counted to have 459 chairs in the hall with several stacks available in the event all the seats are taken. To date, we have confirmed attendance from Lutheran New Life, Ipoh Wesley, AOG, Batu Gajah and of course EY. So as the saying go...'the ball is in our court'...can we...dare we dream ....are we ready?


PS: Ushers and Counselors please turn up by 5.00pm for a time of prayer with the Korean Team

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Can't Fill The Hall...

I never thought that the day will come when Elim Gospel Hall will be blessed with three new buildings. I still remember in the initial planning when I was part of the building committee that was tasked to draw up the preliminary plans for the overall development. We went on to plan for two new buildings and the mission house plans was drawn up much later. Back then, I never once thought that we will complete the construction of all the three buildings.

We did. By the grace of God we did. I never thought that with a congregation of 100+, we will have the resources to build all three structures. We didn't but God did. And now we have on this piece of land, four buildings; a worship hall, a mission house with a visiting guest room, a sunday school block for seminars and conferences and a multipurpose hall that can seat 500+ comfortably.

Last Saturday, we had our first event in that new multipurpose hall. A parent's night specifically for our 'pre-believers' relatives and families. We had 16 tables and close to 60% of them are our 'pre-believers' friends. We could have packed the hall, but we dare not. Again, we did not believe that we can. We started small; planned for 10 tables, ended up with 16 and even then we had to turn some away. We dare not dream and hoped but God proved us wrong again. He gave us this hall, and He will use it for His glory and His work.

We had youths giving testimonies

We had youths giving presentations

16 Tables comfortably, could have been more...

With our number of members in Elim, we can't fill the hall. In fact, for our breakfast fellowship, we can hear echoes in the new hall. I have often wondered, why us Lord? Why bless us with such a fine huge hall? We can't fill it. Then I realized. We can't but God can and God will. So do we dare to dream, do we dare to join God in filling up this hall.

This coming Friday we have a group of Korean Musicians coming coming over to conduct a concert with us. I can tell you of the timing, of how the building got completed and of how the sound systems got installed by this week that we can have this concert. Of how the Koreans would only be around this week and not earlier for by then we could not use the hall. But I will just say that God provides and God blesses. Now, its up to us. Do we dare to dream? We claim this to be a youth rally...will it be? Will the hall be filled? Have we done our part in inviting our friends. Dare we join God in this work?


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lord, I stand in the midst of a multitudes...

Last night worship, the youths of the Lutheran New Life Church joined us for a time of worship. In addition, a fellow brother from the AOG youth group was also around. At the same time, the participants in the soccer coach training course was also having their certificates presentation on the same night, thus there are several brothers from Seremban and Melaka joining us as well.

View of the Night Worship

The numbers weren't big, but I was strangely moved by the sight of all those people within the same hall worshipping God. I know, we are not exactly people of every tribe and tongue, but I was very much encouraged by the fact that we for those few moments ignored what church, denomination or 'clan' that we are from or belong to. We stood as one, worshipped God as one, declaring together that our God, yes OUR GOD reigns. Amen.

We, on that night celebrated our similarities and ignored our differences. We rejoice over the fact that we can call each other brothers and sisters. As we continued to partner other churches and youth groups in our ministry, we hope to see more of this, this celebration of God's love as one. Truly as what the Lord has commended us to be, as one in the God.

Our brother Philip sharing God's word (BTW is also our camp speaker...doing promo la)

The sports clinic participants

Now onto the more interesting part...the food...we have our sis Li Yen preparing a host of finger food for the night fellowship. Not sure about you all, but I do think that she has a gift here...what do you all say?