Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hi Everyone,

It's time for our youth camp again. I don't know about you, last year i didn't get to go and this time for sure you will see me there. Those who attended last year camp will surely remembered those great time of fun, fellowship and of course experiencing God.

So don't miss this year's camp ok! It will definately be getting BETTER. So pick up your phone, sms or call all your friends to join. Oh ya I forgot, nowadays FB more popular..OK then, log in to your FB and spread around.

Those overseas, you still have time to book your flight back :)

Note: Those who did not get the registration form last week or need more form, do let Rick(012-4831673) or Katan(010-9003248) knows ok. You can also print it yourself  from this page if you want to :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

EY II: Praise N Prayer + UGH

Yup, we just had our Praise n prayer on our last EY..Sam and the worship team, thanks once again for a time of worship.

Below are some of the snapshots..enjoy!

Phew.Look at the prayer list.We should really get down on our knees and pray hard man.

We did! All are deep in prayer.

Ultimate Galah Panjang aka UGH in action

Our Big boss U.William also did not miss out in this fact he is one of the pro in this game...have a lot at the video below...some stunts made by him..:0

though he got tapped, be we still salute him for his act of bravery in slipping through the 2 young defenders.SALUTE!

Monday, November 1, 2010

EY I: Who Did the Best Hulaaa...

Well,this is the punishment we get for losing in the ice-breaker game in the last EY meeting.....

Miss Chow Li Qi.....


(Ah qi n kakoon...see,i am so fair..even post my video up there together with urs...ringan sama dijinjing, berat sama dipikul)

I seriously think the counting by Katan got some problem:) time if got anything pls dun let him do the counting.