Sunday, November 23, 2008


STOP !!!
Ok, people...first up, I am sorry for the long 'silence' on the blog. Been as the picture says...stop what you are doing right now; sit back; pop open a can of coke (or sprite or milk or anything you like) and see what EY is up to this past few weeks.

First up, what have we been doing, well...a picture does speaks much more than words and me being the lazy one will of course use pictures rather than words...


For this past few weeks, we have been having our carolling practice from 12pm to 130pm. For the following weeks, we will be having the practice from 11am to 100pm. We sang, we laughed, we yelled and we carolled. BTW our caroller conducter is none other than our dear sis Shireen Chow.

We will be having our carolling on 21 and 22 of December 2008. We will also be going to the Vineyard Christmas Graduation on the 14 December to perform. This year we have also encouraged the youths to invite their non Christian friends to join the carolling. So let's carol...

Our Carollers!!!


Our caregroup is still going on strong. Could be due to the supper... :) Anyway, we have moved on from the subject of prayer and now are learning about being in the family of God. We are each uniquely, beautifully made by God himself and God Himself, place us here in EY. So we each have a part to play.

The caregroup meeting at katan's parents' house (funny how it is never katan's hse. Its either winnie's or winnie's parents or his parents)


Our EY session is still ongoing. Recently, we had one conducted by Winnie on the topic of food offered to idols. Part of the teaching, Winnie packed certain types of food into boxes and split the youths into three teams. The teams then competed with others to finished off the food in the boxes. No need to say, the whole thing was quite hilarious (now, the food in the boxes are edilble but some are good and some not so)

Some expressions from the youths sampling the food


Well, we have quite a number of things lined up for the next month. First up will be the BSGC youth camp from Dec 11 to 14. Depending on the number of people going, we will most probably be going down on the December 10 and joined BSGC to go to the camp site in Pahang.

The second thing, we will be having a joint outreach program on the 24 Dec with the AOG youths. We will be having a prom night!!! So guys and gals, go get your partners and invite your friends for that night.


PS: Do check back on the blog for updates on the upcoming programs

Videos as promised

Lately, some people have been complaining that the EY blog doesn't have any updates, dull, etc etc. So, to make the atmosphere merry, I've got some videos that I LOVE to share with you guys. Katan likes to put it as pictures paint a thousand words. So, I'll put it as videos paint a million words. Haha.. Good one! Without further ado, let's sit back and relax. Grab some popcorn if you want.

Juice specially prepared by Bernice. It contains various types of veggie and fruits. It smells "eww" but it should tastes "ok". And I bet Kian Aun and Ricky ENJOYED it. Right guys?

Special presents from their partners

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ricky Tan!!!

This time round it has fallen to me to do the birthday wishes. (Hopefully we all will learn a lesson here...can't really depend on katan to do this sort of things...hint hint wink wink) Anyhow, let's get on with it...

As the title has said so, no prizes as to who we are shouting out here... Let's get a look at our dear old Ricky Tan...

As a cute baby...

...toddler... lightyear?...

...farmer?...(anyone notice the vege actually browned where he stood...wonder what he did?)

Now we see the 'Ricky Tan' look...

Here... I actually think he looks a lot like Andrew...or Andrew looks a lot like him...

Well, brother... a happy birthday to you from all of us. You have been a wonderful addition and blessing to the fellowship...


PS: Note to 'Girl': remember what he gave you for your birthday...hope you will do the same. If you have forgotten, we have the pictures and clips...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's sing a birthday song (most of us have done it in EY)

Birthday posts coming in continuosly. I wonder why (crap!).

To the "kao gung" of many,
To the brother of many,
To the "pirated" Ricky Martin,
To the one who was once away for 8 months,
To the one who plays drum (don't know whether he's rusty already anot)
To the well known Ricky Tan,
Happy Birthday!

And last but not least,
To the "boss" of the youth,
To the Additional Mathematics teacher who likes to give tonnes of homework,
To the civil engineer who is always "logical",
To the one who always care for the youths like his own "babies"?
To the one who likes to go to cyber cafe for Dota and COD4 sessions,
To our one and only Tan Kian Aun,
Happy Birthday!

For photos, kindly reread all the posts in our EY blog. =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Someone coming through

Someone who is known by most of us here is celebrating his 20th birthday. Yup! Like wadefish likes to say, they're no longer teenager anymore. For photos, ask katan. To wish, call him or sms him or etc. Anyway, a very blessed birthday to you - Goh Cheng Fai!!! [our well known professor]

Friday, November 7, 2008

What time is it? Birthday time and celebration?

~cute baby isn't he? (oops..! I gave a hint on the gender)~

~Someone who likes to smile at cameras.. but not anymore now.. Cause he LOVES to do weird pose in front of cameras (I'll give you an example later)~
~I bet you know who it is now! If you can't, you really should.. do something about it!~

~Today but many years' back.. you look so.. so.. _______ (fill in the blank)~

~Yup! He's the guitarist.But, doesn't he look like "lau fu zi"?~
~the example I told you just now.. Isn't that just "eww.."!!??~

To someone who is a brother to many,
To someone who is the "ah gung" (grandfather) of many,
To someone who always plays the guitar,
To someone who ____________________ (fill in the blank)

Happy birthday! Just in case you're still guessing who it is.. It's none other than our one and only CLARENCE CHOONG WENG KI!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

BGYP Round 2!!!

I don't like to leave things undone (okay, sometimes I don't like to leave things undone...alright..the problem with blogging here, is knowing that people who read this, kinda know what kind of a person I honesty is indeed a requirement for any blogging to be done here...) So let's start over...although I kinda leave things uncompleted most of the time (happy?), this is one occassion that I don't feel quite comfortable for leaving things as it were.

A month ago, we went to Batu Gajah and taught the youths there how to throw the frisbee. We only managed to cover the basics of the throwing and did not even manage to teach them the game. We promised that we will be back. Somehow, I was not satisfied to leave things undone here. Well, peeps, we are given the chance again to make things right again. On the 16 November 2008, we will again be going to Batu Gajah, to finish the job. They have booked a school field for us to teach them the game (Do you know that during one of the Sunday morning that Uncle William was there, he saw them throwing the frisbee around during the breakfast time...)

So people, clear your schedules, slap on a healthy dose of sun tan lotion, we are going to Batu Gajah to finish off what we started...


PS: Let me know how many of you are interested to go...need to provide transport. We will be leaving ELIM by 330pm and will be back in ELIM by 700pm, k?

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had our first K'group BBQ...I did some fancy planning and on the week that most of the youths (actually only the BIG eaters) are not around, I thought, well this would be a good time for a BBQ and we would have more food. So there it goes, but little do I know that when you have BBQ, young, old and older youths turned up for K'group. Oh well...but all in all, it was a wonderful time of catching up with the youths, the young, old and older youths. For the 'older' youths, though you all may have moved on due to studies, you were and are still a part of us. We as a group have missed your fellowship, the laughters that we share and the jokes that we cracked...So do come back more often...

Okay, enough onto the pictures (Miss Camera, we are trying hard here but somehow lacking your touch...the pictures here are not to say that we have moved on and forgotten about you but rather showed how much we missed you...)

First picture have to be this...Grilled Lamb Chops...

The food that we had, well not as much as 'William's' Place but at least it didn't cost 30 bucks (Clarence been praising this place for a dish that cost 30 buck and he can't finish)

Ahhhh, nothing like the smell of BBQ'ed food.

Some youths enjoying their food...

The 'princesses' of the night....

That night, majority of the food was cooked by our doc and Clarence, so peeps, uncooked food, go for them...

The chilling out afterward....