Monday, March 31, 2008

Last toast of the month!!!

You're right again!!! Another birthday.. But the last one of the month.. Let's find out who it is together..

~Who's that girl posing there? Sweating also want to post. aiyoyo..~

~See that girl! People practising there still busy posing. Like to pose so much~
~blind folded already still want to play. Make people wet only!~

~Doesn't she look like she's doing a shampoo advertisement?~

Yes! It's none other but our SHIREEN CHOW!!! She's the girl playing piano and backing up the music team. She's the one laughing all the way just to cheer people up. She's also the one who encouraged others using her own special way. Thanks for being a sister to everyone here in Elim girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! God bless!!! =)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

EY Program 2nd Edition

EY Program...Coming to a EGH near you this spring!
Official release: 26 April 2008
Sneak Preview: Coming Soon
Produced and Directed by: Bernice and Shireen
Stay Tuned for New Updates!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heart of Worship

This coming Sunday would be the fifth and last time that I will be starting the morning worship. Truth to be told, I was not very keen on starting the morning worship, though it had to be said that I was only asked to do it one month for the whole year. Now, I have always struggled with this even more than the pulpit duties. I have often given excuses, though valid, but are only excuses nonetheless. God knows and I know the stumbling block behind that resistance. Often I have managed to get William or Kar Wai to step in for me (Thanks guys) and finally for this month, had decided to confront that stumbling block.

And what a ‘confrontation’ that was, for me. Here, again, huge thank you to Shireen, Bernice, Andrew and Clarence for taking the time, effort and patience to help me out here. You see, people, for this past few Saturdays, they at my request have came out and practice for the following Sunday morning worship, at least for the songs that I have chosen. Bernice was not feeling too chirpy one Sunday morning and yet still sang back up (more like I am backing her up for those who know my musical talent) for me. So guys and gals, thanks for the input, patience and going along with me on this journey of self discovery. I hoped that you too have learned and discovered more about what worship is to you. And if there is any offence or discouragements, am deeply sorry.

For you out there, you might be asking what’s the big deal? You see, in Elim, at least during Sunday morning worship, I have always felt that we aren’t giving our best. We are not bringing our best offering to the altar of God. From the way we begin our worship, the way we sing, the way we share and even the clothes that we wear, shows in my opinion our attitude towards God in the area of worship. True, God looks right into our hearts and not on the exterior; and I have used that same reasoning many times but I wondered what God really saw when He looked into my heart. Seldom does any fruit looks tarnished on the outside yet is juicy and good on the inside. So, I decided to give my best for this month’s worship. Yup folks, what you are getting every Sunday morning is my best, if you think that it could be better, then you ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. It can be better, much better. We have in our church, people who are much more gifted in this area than me, and boy can you imagine what worship would be like if they would allow God to use them in this area. The funny thing is as I opened myself to the Lord, the theme of the morning worship just flows as well as the songs that I picked. I usually have those songs in mind on Sunday, that is the Sunday before which in itself is a miracle for those of you who know my procrastination habit.

Here then is the list of the theme and songs selected for this past month worship:
  • This month’s worship began with the reminder that we need to bring our best to the altar. God despises offerings that are not perfect and yet we often do not offer our ‘first fruits’. (Songs: Heart of Worship and I will offer up my life)
  • We were reminded that we often grumble about the things that we do not have but failed to give thanks to God for the things that we do have. (Songs: Great is the Lord and I stand in awe of You)
  • We were reminded that God is the one that blesses, gives and saves. All glory and honour belongs to Him. ( Songs: All we like sheep and Salvation Belongs to Our God)
  • We were reminded that the God that we worship is the Living God. Our God is the reigning King and the Lord of Lords. (Songs: Come on and Celebrate, He’s Alive and Because He Lives)

And for this coming Sunday, after going through the past few Sundays’ ‘reminders’, what then would be our respond to God. After being reminded that we need to give our best and in spite of what we have given, God still blessed us with much and God is the one that saves and blesses and what more; our God is the ever living God. What would our respond be? What would your response to God be? (Songs: I bow my knee, I will offer up my life and I simply live for you) Come join me, join us in worshipping God this coming Sunday.

“…You search much deeper within, through the way things appear, You’re looking into my heart” ~ Heart of Worship


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm Not Saying That God Will Always Bless Last Minute Work ( What A Long Title )

It was a wonderful weekend. Saturday was our Easter programme. Friday itself was the full dress rehearsal. Everything was so last minute that I didn't really believe God would bless such seemingly effortless effort. Here's what happened.

19/3/2008 Wednesday, 8.30 p.m. - First Practice

The mime, potrayed to its fullest by our mime crew, had its first practice on Wednesday night. We didn't even have the complete cast and storyline then, which was just 3 days before Easter. And so, practice went on, was okay - many thanks to Andrew's undisputable miming/acting/monkeying/whatever-you-call-it skills. Not to forget, Michael's as well. The night ended with a small ping-pong ball fight. Lightened things up.

20/3/2008 Thursday, 4.00 p.m. - Second Practice

Just one day before the full dress rehearsal, we managed to recruit two members, both not in our list of potential actors. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to Fat Kit and Vincent, for their willingness to take up the respective roles in such short notice. Practice was okay, even though we had some problems with Kit because he kept almost laughing ( what stupid English is this? ). Everything went well, especially for the songs part. Every song that I threw in from my computer fitted perfectly for the different scenes in the mime. Somebody's at work here. Somebody so mighty, that I would not claim credit for myself. Practice ended with an evening meal in Salim.

20/3/2008 Thursday, 8.30 p.m. - Musician Practice

The practice sucked. Everything was bad. Every song, was out of coordination. The guitar, the bass, drums - everything was just as bad. We were making more noise than music. Even the easiest and most familiar song to us ( One Way ), sounded horrible. Really disheartened by the practice on Thursday. Yet, we ended the day on a happy note, pigging out at Nasmir's.

21/3/2008 Friday, 7 + p.m. - Full Dress Rehearsal

Supposedly, mime crew were to meet earlier for a short practice before full dress. Well, I was late. When I came, some went makan, some were not there yet. But we managed to squeeze a run through before the so-called full dress started at 9. The mime was satisfactory, considering how late we started. Everyone played their part well, as I think most of us realised the urgency of things. Yet, the worship part was still not good. Our so-called theme song, Unfailing Love, was the worst of the lot. Well, again, another happy night out at Nasmir's.

22/3/2008 Saturday, 4.00 p.m. - Last Chance

Came at 4 for a different practice altogether. Kian Aun's practice for Sunday morning. Oh well, not much to say concerning that, but things were okay. And then near 5, we practiced a little of For All You've Done, and of course Unfailing Love, which needed a lot of polishing. Everything and everyone was so tensed, emotions ran high ( am I exaggerating? ). And with un-confidence still within us, we went home to get ready and return for the night itself.

22/3/2008 Saturday, 8 + p.m. - Easter Event

People began pouring in near 8. It was a sign, a sign to me that, yes, it is going to be good after all. Around 8.30, hall was quite packed. We delayed about 5 mins and then proceeded with the event. For the first time, or so, I hear music that we're making instead of noise. Apart from little mistakes here and there, the music was good that night. For the first time, I see people acting, instead of fooling around. The mime was just, beautiful, to put it in simple words. From the timing and coordination to the crew's own acting abilities, it was near perfect. The dance was really well done too. Uncle Jimmy was excellent in linking everything up, putting the pieces of jigsaw together to form a whole picture of that night.

And easter ended, with many good feedbacks I heard. Personally, I've never been more involved in an outreach than this, considering I was part of the organising team. And I've never felt more joyful than this, after an outreach. The point is, God blesses the work where you put your heart in it. Yes, it was bad that we left everything till the very last minute. Children's Holiday Club is little excuse for the little time we had left. But nevertheless, God looked at the heart(s), saw it right, and blessed the work that was carried out.

Thank you, Lord, for the people You've brought. For the many wonders You've shown us, for the many things You did that we were not able to do it by ourselves. Thank You, Lord, for all You've done.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

so i'm back. back to where..i've not learned to love. back to where i have to be.

going back to Ipoh was good for my health, physically, mentally and spiritually.

so i'm back, back to ATTACK, back to CHARGE, back to a place where I know, I will have to hold on to God's fingers to get through.

Easter is a good reminder to me that God is all of me. The One and only. Alpha and Omega. The way. The truth. And I just want to touch His heart.

i'm back to college where God placed me, I will ATTACK. so you, comscienceenglishgeometrytestsassignmentspresentationsspeeches , be VERY afraid.

i hope and pray it's the same for everyone. wherever you are, may you notice, see and feel God. wherever you are, may you remember and be thankful. wherever you are, may you sing of Him. wherever you are, may you live for Him.

blessed Easter everyone =)

rock on!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mr Doc!

This is a dedication to the DOCTOR among us. I bet you know who he is. Yup! It's Dr. Yeoh Kok Ming! And here's some photos to tell you who he is for those who don't really know him. Sit back and enjoy the photos!

~Look at the guy in black pointing there. What is he doing actually? Hmm.. I think he's giving some directions.~

~Poor listener. Kok Ming's giving him a headache. Eh! You need to work on your communication skills! =p~

~Here's the highlight!!! I'm sure none of us has seen this! Kok Ming as a girl character in onie of the JOY club events!!! Beside "her" is "her" beloved, Wan Wai.~

Happy birthday Kok Ming!!! I heard that you are trying very hard to forget that character. So, I'm posting that photo up to remind you of that wonderful day! Haha.. Have a nice day ahead!=)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Toast to make again..

Today's another special day for one of the youths. Yes! You're right! Another birthday! Whose birthday is it this time? Let's see..

-Aiyo! So sunny still want me to take photo. Really ma fan!-

-I'm doing work here still wanna take photo. I know I leng cai but no need to take photo so often-

-Look at my hand! This happened due to..hehe..some said my sis beat me up..muakaka.. (that's not true though)-

LET'S WELCOME BERTIN!!! Happy Birthday boy!!! May God bless you as you grow. One year older already. Be a good boy, if not your hand won't be safe. Haha..

Monday, March 17, 2008

buggers ahoy!

twas' a fine day for buggers..

for big and small buggers alike.. gather, run and kick.

one blue bugger (double alliteration) staged a walkout, while another red bugger couldn't decide which side was he on..

one bugger got hurt by a ferocious bugger, even before the actions began..but was soon pacified.

we all wonder who were this bugger and that bugger scrutinizing...

but never mind. time for some bugger warm ups.

young buggers doing the flying daggers..

...and buggers squatting for some tough catching and spiking later..

..and now twas' show time from the buggers.

let loose your hands and legs i say..

..and catch that green thing...

..or that green ball..

..or kick the ball.

a few you-must-have-it-bugger-body-position:

that's a you-must-have-it-bugger-body-position-for-throwing...

...the bugger-jump-ala-high-school-musical..

...the heya-bugger-reach-out-and-catch pose..

...those bugger-chacha-tango-tap-break-dancing-madness-poses...

...not to mention the give-your-beautiful-football-a-meaningful-look-before-you-kick bugger pose.

after one whole evening, here's to sum it up.

although a bugger's armpit stink after some fast and furious actions...

..although some got really desperate and tired of losing and tried flying (literally)...

..although some cheap bribe happened as well (truth: that was the drink stall)...

..not to mention everyone got lazier towards the end (notice the atrocious WALKING footballer on the right)...

...although even some got so hungry they wanted to eat up the ball...

...and some so thirsty that they wanted to drink in the tin as well...

...although everyone had enough with running, flying and kicking...

...they had a good time.."shying away" from the camera.

conclusion: BUG is going to be on every weekend. it'll soon be tiring. everyone will soon dread it and say,"yeap...we are having BUG..agaainnn.." But hey, let's have some good fun before it stales and mutter our thanksgiving to God for giving our organizers the energy, strength and courage for all the jobs they have done and will be doing to keep BUG alive.

so here's thanks to the...CEO of buggers!..and fellow buggers!...

...and here's the Chief Bugger saying, "Do come again next time!"

don't mind the lame captions here and there.hehe.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mushy Stuff

Ahhh, love is in the air. Couples, especially boyfriends and girlfriends (and wife too, in case you are reading this) appreciates and look forward to 'special' days. Days like anniversaries (ranges from the serious like official date of becoming a couple to the mundane like first time going out, holding hands etc) and birthdays hold special meaning. Never mind the times that we (guys' perspective) looked after, cared for, protected, carried the bags etc. throughout the year, the minute we forget or did not celebrate the special days, then THE QUESTION is pop. What question? It goes something like this, "You don't love me anymore" or "You don't love me as much" or "What's the matter with you? Is something wrong with us?" You get the idea.

So with this in mind, one of our dear brother went all out to declare (or most likely make up for all the wrongs that he did) his love for our dear sister on her birthday. Who are we talking about here? Well, a picture again paints a thousand words, and so we give to you...our initial photos with the mushy one on the wayyyyy. Suffice to say, we have not seen this side of our manly brother before....

Where is he? He better not forget what day today is!!!

The look of our birthday girl, Daphne, after our dear brother did his 'thing'

"Ahhh why can he always be like that? " Daphne wondered... (We wondered too)



Happy Birthday Daphne!!!

Today's the "ngau yat" of the well-known "ah po" in Elim. Let's give a round of applause to ... DAPHNE CHOO!!! Happy Birthday!!! I guess you had an unforgettable birthday party from the girls this evening. Sorry for not being there. Anyway, my wishes are there (right?). I heard that there were couple of "funny" and "cute" scenes that happened just now. The photos will be posted up soon (i guess). Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all the youths from Elim!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008



the return of the hulk. the bruised and black..hulk.

nice butt, eh?

high five to you too mate!

doctors don't bend down, they soar up high. but to soar, they start by fluttering, not the eyes, but the hands.