Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So here are a few more pictures. More to come.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Understanding gratitude

"Hi, welcome to my world."
"Would you listen to my story?"

"People always pity us, think that our lives in our home sucks, but hey, I've got friends here."
"I've got brothers who would lovingly pull my ears, whether they're my real brothers or not, but it's alright, they're my brothers."
"Do I look unhappy to you? Well yeah, maybe I am unhappy...but since you guys are here, I'll just..smile? :) "
"We listen attentively.."

"...watch attentively..."

"...and laugh like every other normal people. We just want you to care for us...for real."

"We play..."

"..and have fun!"
"We KICK..."
"...we eat.."
"...we enjoy food.."

"I am very curious, what's that weird lump at your throat?"

"Weelll...we get punished sometimes."
"We wonder too..cos we've seen and been through a lot..and there are just some things about the world that we don't quite get."

"Oh we LIKE gifts...!"

"If you care enough to listen to me, please do come again."

On the...

...26th July 16 years ago, a boy named "hideji" was born to earth.

He was a normal baby. He was given a surname Lee. He has a sister, a mother and a father. One day, he was brought to the playground to have some fun. This is the photo where he enjoyed his SLIDE!!!

~Mummy!!! I'm coming down!!! YAY!!!~

Another time, he was brought to a dinner. He was dressed nicely JUST for that occasion. And... this was how "hideji" looked like...

Being a boy, he was very active as well. He likes to climb up and down, run here and there, jump everywhere, etc. That's why, HE SWEATS... A LOT...

~"Ha! Smiling there? You better go take your bath!" says mum~

Like any other kids, he was sent to the kindergarten. When he was six years old, he finally GRADUATED!

~Faster take la! I very tired ar!!!~

Now, I would like to take the opportunity to wish "Hideji" a blessed day and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENT LEE!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


The term WWJD made its first debut and hits the universe around 8 years ago. Every Christian teenager has at least one wristlet or keychain with this four alphabet embedded on it. WWJD instantly tops the Christian accessories chart, so much so that even my non Christian peers got one wristlet for themselves. WWJD sell like hot cakes.

What is so special about WWJD? Firstly, a round of applause to the marketers for inventing wrislets. It was the "in" thing in my time. And when one has it, everyone wants it. Some people even has it in different colour hues and in different designs. Secondly, it's catchy initials. Thirdly, because everyone has them. Oh, it's a peer pressure thingy.

But really, is that all to it?

I've got a few wristlet myself, which I have misplaced them over the years. At that time, it doesnt matter if WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do. It doesnt matter if it has a significant meaning to it. No. All that matters is that WWJD is cool and I want to be cool. Period.

This term jumped out on me today. Maybe because I foresee a hard week ahead. Witnessing true colours to human behaviours and getting a taste of the working life. I asked "What Would Jesus Do if He's in my shoes?"

Would Jesus hide in the toilet and cry himself a river? Or will He take it as an experience and eat the humble pie?

Life, many have said, is not smooth sailing. It is in times like this, that we must remember: WWJD? Arent we blessed to have someone to look up to when we're in cross roads?

"When life throws you a lemon, make a lemonade!"

Have a good day, everyone! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

EY Program 3rd Edition

People, its that time of the year again...no it is not Christmas...is the EY program time again. This time round, the EY program will be handled by Steven Chang, Eliza Lee and Amelia Low. So the following instructions are from them....

And just in case, you are wondering what is the EY program 3...

EY Program 3

Visit Salvation Army Orphanage Home (Jalan Kampar)
Time: 230pm to 430pm
Date: 26 July 2008


  1. People, you need to confirm your attendance with Steven. You can post it in the comments section or the spam section or call, text, sms Steven. He needs the attendance to divide you all into different groups for games.
  2. We will be having a tea time, if you are interested to provide any food, please also inform Steven or Wan Li.
  3. The time is of the utmost important as we are only allowed 230pm to 430pm with the orphanage home, so be on time!!! (exclamation marks by Steven). We will meet in Elim 145pm sharp as there will be a briefing.
  4. We will also be getting them a gift each. So if you are coming, you need to buy them a gift, preferably from your own pocket money...We will let you know the age group and the number. So you pick the age and people. The rest will be covered by Uncle William....no lah by the advisors...

The program is as follows:

230pm to 300pm Singspiration

300pm to 400pm Icebreakers+Games+Puppet Show

400pm to 430pm Teatime, Photographs and Gifts Giving

430pm to 600pm Reflection and Discussion in Elim

Roughly this is it, do check in once a while for further updates. Any questions, you can ask Steven, Eliza or Amelia...


Friday, July 18, 2008

Special post for...

...for someone. Who's day is it today? I'll give you a hint. That someone's name start with the letter "B". Quite few choices actually. As katan says, pictures speak a thousand words. Let's go to the picture then.

~Too many people? Can't notice her?~

~What about this? Only her.. Wondering who she was looking at?~

~Why is she dreaming?~

B- a Backing to our youth

E- Endearing personality

R- Relent

N- Notable for her talents

I- Intelligent

C- Cheerful

E- Easy-going

Blessed birthday Bernice! May the Lord bless you in everything that you do. Happy Birthday and have a nice day! =)

Post Edit:

A picture is better than a thousand words. So to add to the beautiful words above, several pictures ...

Meditating Ber

Freakin' Ber

Stuffin' Ber

Happy Birthday Ber!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A very special post..

Why is that so? This is the first time I'm posting up something that has to do with two people at the same time. Can you think of anyone who has the same criteria to be posted up the blog at the same time, same day and same month. That's because they're born on the same day, same month, same year and by the same mum! Still can't figure it out? Let's check it out then...
When they were young,

The female and...

the male

~both of them (can't differentiate huh? I think the left one is the male and the right side is the female. Forgot already... =p)~

~both of them (this i can differentiate! The left is the female and the right is the male)~

When they have grown older,

~this is the older side of her in Sg Klah~

~the sleeping view of her~

~the "cool" side of him~

~the wrestling view of him~

Yes! It's the twins who is among us - Li Qi (known as Ah Ki) and Henry Chow (known as Ah Kai/ chicken)!!! I've heard that in the birth of a pair twins, the "real" elder brother/sister will come out later. Firstly, the elder brother/sister wants to let his/her younger brother/sister out first (so as to be polite). Secondly, it is like that so that the "real" elder one can be known as the younger one and look younger. So, in this case, Ah Kai might be the elder one. That's what I heard only la. Don't know whether it's true or not. Hehe.. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Ah Qi and Ah Kai!!! May God bless the both of you in everything that you do. =)