Monday, November 26, 2007

Do you know your love language?

I borrowed a book from the church library quite recently. It’s called “The five Love Languages of Teenagers”. Well, I find it rather interesting though I haven’t finish the book. The 5 love languages consists of :
(a) Words of Affirmation
(b) Quality Time
(c) Receiving Gifts
(d) Acts of Service
(e) Physical Touch
Just in case you don’t know what’s your love language is, try doing this test.

Remember, you’re going to see 30 pairs of things that parents do or say to show love to their kids. They may be things your parents do or say or that you wish your parents would do or say. Pick only one item in each box that you like best, and circle the letter that goes with that item. When you finish looking at all 30 pairs, count how many times you circled each letter and transfer that letter to the appropriate blank at the end of the test. Here we go..

1. Asks me what I think -- A
Puts his/her arms around my shoulder -- E
2. Goes to my ballgames, recitals, etc. -- B
Does my laundry -- D
3. Buys me clothes -- C
Watches TV or movies with me -- B
4. Helps me with school projects -- D
Hugs me -- E
5. Kisses me -- E
Gives me money for the things I need -- C
6. Takes time off of work to do stuff with me -- B
Rubs my shoulders or back -- E
7. Gives me cool things for my birthday -- C
Reassures me when I fail or mess up -- A
8. Gives me high-fives -- E
Respects my opinions -- A
9. Goes out to eat or shops with me -- B
Lets me use his/her stuff -- C
10. Tells me I’m the best son/daughter in the world -- A
Drives me to places I need to go -- D
11. Eats at least one mean with me most every day -- B
Listens to me and helps me work through problems -- A
12. Doesn’t invade my privacy -- D
Holds or shakes my hand -- E
13. Leaves me encouraging notes -- A
Knows what my favorite store is -- C
14. Hangs out with me sometimes -- B
Sits next to me on the couch -- E
15. Tells me how proud he/she is of me -- A
Cooks meals for me -- D
16. Straightens my collar, necklace, etc. -- E
Acts really interested in stuff I’m interested in -- B
17. Allows my friends to hang out at our house -- D
Pays for me to go on school or church trips -- C
18. Tells me I look good -- A
Listens to me without judging me -- B
19. Touches or rubs my head -- E
Sometimes lets me pick out where we go on family trips -- D
20. Takes me to the doctor, dentist, etc. -- D
Trusts me to be at home alone -- C
21. Takes me on trips with him/her -- B
Takes me and my friends to movies, ballgames, etc. -- D
22. Gives me stuffs that I really like -- C
Notices when I do something good -- A
23. Gives me extra spending money -- C
Asks me if I need help -- D
24. Doesn’t interrupt me when I’m talking -- B
Like the gifts I buy for him/her -- C
25. Lets me sleep late sometimes -- D
Seems to really enjoy spending time with me -- B
26. Pats me on the back -- E
Buys me stuff and surprises me with it -- C
27. Tells me he/she believes in me -- A
Can ride in the car with me without lecturing me -- B
28. Picks up stuffs that I need from various stores -- C
Sometimes holds or touches my face -- E
29. Gives me some space when I’m feeling upset or angry -- D
Tells me that I’m talented or special -- A
30. Hugs or kisses me at least once every day -- E
Says he/she is thankful that I’m his/her child -- A

Your score
A = _____ Words of Affirmation D = _____ Acts of Service
B = _____ Quality Time E = _____ Physical Touch
C = _____ Receiving Gifts

The letter or love language that receives the most points is your primary love language. If you score the same score for 2 love languages, then you are bilingual. If you score high on one love language and have a close second score, that second highest score is your secondary love language!

P.S. feel free to share your love language. Will be happy to know it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Year End Holidays

Wow, its the end of the year again. Time really flies. From now until the end of the year, our EY meeting has to make way for many of our church activities. Some of it are as follows:

Nov 24: No meeting - Night Worship
Dec 1: No meeting - Somebody's getting married
Dec 8: No meeting - Church Camp
Dec 15: No meeting - Youth Camp (joining BSGC)
Dec 22: No meeting - Night Worship
Dec 29: Last meeting of the year 2007

Will keep you updated on the meetings and such, so do check in once in a while.

Some thoughts and inputs required. So people put on your thinking caps and let me know. (you can respond to this post or use the shout. I don't mind if you keep it anon)

I have taken over the EY since May 2007. Changed certain things; added some; taken some off with mixed results. Some good, some bad, some so-so and some no difference. So I would appreciate some feedback on how you want the EY to develop. People, you know that EY belongs to you, it is you. So I invite all of you to participate in nurturing and developing this EY further. Let me share with you some of my 'dreams' which may or may not appeal to you. Again since I am not your tummy's worm, you need to let me know what you think.
For next year;

In terms of studies
: will continue on this series by the Youth Aflame but will deal more with practical issues such as studies, parents, money, tuitions, boys if you like boys, girls if you like girls.

In terms of the room
: Will lock up the EY room and have some cupboards brought in to tidy up the room. Will add more books to our little library project (welcome books donation or type of books which you like to see in the library) The intention is to ultimately make it a hangout place. Might even get an Xbox and TV in there to liven up the place.

In terms of programs
: Will launch off the league games. Had a feedback that you would prefer more outings, so that will be on the cards. Most probably will arrange to join other churches youth meetings. The overnight stay at Gopeng will also be on. So we will be going out more often.

In terms of games
: After EY meeting games have been an attraction for me during my EY time. So will probably spend some more effort into this. Play different types of games and even play at some other place like Polo ground, DR park etc.


PS: Again let me know...

Photos from Telematches

Our telematch contigent. As for the blurry picture, it was taken by the steady hands of our own Dr. Yeoh who is currently in GH Ipoh doing his surgery posting. So if ever you needed surgery in Ipoh GH, you know you are in the steady hands of Dr. Yeoh.

Our own Donald Duckers

One of the churches (Ipoh Wesley) seating arrangement to cover up the holes

One of the church (KCC) attempting to get the ping pong ball from the tube. Did not expect the water to shoot out at that pressure. Interesting...

We are also trying to get some of the photos taken by other churches to be posted. So check in regularly.
PS: There is a good suggestion on incorporating a forum into the blog. Anyone of you techies know how?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Trick or Treat

This Saturday, the EY will be having a session called 'trick or treat' (Do ignore the bulletin announcement that the EY will not be having a meeting). We will be playing some indoor games with the victor being rewarded (treat) and the losers will be punished (trick). Since the games is being handled by yours truly, we can rest assured that the trick part will not be a physical exercise but should be fun for all, well maybe not so much for the one being punished. As for the treat, we'll just leave it that it will be a treat. So do join us and invite some of your friends to join to see what crazy fun that we have in the EY.

After this session, we will all be 'bundled' up and sent to ....Polo ground where we will be playing a game of ultimate frisbee. So people do bring an extra change of clothes if you are fussy on cleaniness and water, lots of lots of water as it will be a tiring and thirsty affair. If you do not know how to play, no worries we will be teaching you how and the game's rules are pretty easy. If I can understand it, you should have no problem at all. So see you all tomorrow.


PS: Photos from the telematches are on the way, awaiting censorship board approval. We are trying to get a 'U' rating. (translation: I am waiting for the photos from Carmen.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Inter Church Games

(Some pictures from the first two telematches, more to follow with participants feedback!!!)

Yahoo!!! We have recently participated in the Inter Church Games where we competed with six other churches in telematches (4 churches dropped out due to prior commitments but it was still a blast for those that participated) Several good things to give thanks for:
  • Wonderful weather - The weather was superb. It was cloudy yet not too cold. Wonderful weather for outdoor games
  • Fun - Everybody had fun, not 'much' cheating and everybody just basically let their hair down and had fun. And on top of that nobody got injured.
  • Teamwork - Everyone from the young to the old helped out!!! Tamil Methodist did not have enough members but several youths from Elim volunteered to join them and they worked together and won!!!

Well, though the results are not important...who are we kidding? Of course the results are important. The results are as follows:

  • Champion: Tamil Methodist
  • 1st Runner Up: Elim Gospel Hall
  • 2nd Runner Up: Ipoh Wesley

Some insights on the games. We basically played all six telematches with the last three having the most 'blast'!!!

The ping pong tube was scheduled to be the third last game but while the game was on, we ran out of water to fill the tube. So we had to reschedule and change the arrangement of the games. When we finally played this game, we gave each team three pails of water (which they have used up and refilled) and added two more team members to try and close the holes in the tubes. (when we drilled holes into the tubes - 40 holes each, we have purposely placed some holes close together to prevent a single finger closing it. So it was to our surprise that the water shot out with quite a pressure and everbody got wet!!!)

We then played the balloon relay and the crazy thing is the players are as keen in getting the balloon to the back as they are in trying to burst them. Majority of the balloons burst when they caught it and some even burst in mid flight.

The Donald Duck walk was supposed to calm things down before the end, but with everyone pumped up, it was an 'incredible hulked up' donald ducks running down the hall. It was indeed a fearsome sight.

So a great time for all.


PS: more to follow

Wednesday, November 7, 2007



This coming Saturday (10 November 2007), we will be pitting our skills, strengths and abilities with some other Ipoh Churches. Since we are in the planning committee, EY should set the example and know the games, right? So we are posting the type of telematches that we will be playing so do take note:

Water Bucket Relay
(3 min duration)
  • To pass water from one bucket to another using only hands through a series of relays.
  • Requires the following
  • 8 people lined up in a line spaced apart by an arm length
  • 1 buckets, 1 filled with water.
  • The first team member will scoop water from the bucket and pass the water with his hands only to another team member and so on until the last team member will transfer the water into the designated bottle.
  • The team with the most water in the bucket wins.

Water Balloon Relay (5 min duration)

  • To pass a balloon filled with water from one person to another through a series of relays.
  • Requires the following
  • 30 water filled balloons and soap coated balloons
  • 10 people lined up in a line spaced apart by two arms length facing the same direction
  • The first team member will pick up a balloon and pass it to the next member by tossing the balloon back over his head to his next team member. The balloon is then passed on in a similar fashion to the next member until the last member of the team.
  • The game ends with the complete tossing of all the 30 balloons or at the end of game time (5min)
  • The team with the most intact water balloon wins. In the event of a tie, the team that completes the task in the amount of shortest time wins.

Blindfold Water Relay

  • To filled up a bottle through a series of relays
  • Requires the following
  • A bottle, a bucket, ten cups and blindfolds.
  • 9 people lined up in a line with the tenth person holding a bottle sitting about 50 meters apart.
  • The first team member will be blindfolded and then carry a cup filled with water and heads towards the seated team member holding the bottle. The blindfolded team member will then proceed to pour the water into the bottle. After pouring the water, he will then take the place of the team member holding the bottle.
  • The initial team member holding the water bottle will then rejoin the other team members waiting in line. The relay continues until all team members had poured the water blindfolded into the bottle.
  • The team with the most water in the bottle wins.
  • In the event of a tie, the team that completes the task in the amount of shortest time wins.

Ping Pong Tube

  • To retrieve a ping pong from a UPVC pipe.
  • Requires the following
  • A UPVC pipe 4 feet long (1.2meter). The pipe will be poked with holes and to be placed on a chair.
  • A ping pong and cups
  • 8 people
  • The objective is to retrieve the ping pong from the bottom of the pipe by filling up the pipe with water. The teams are not to tilt the pipe in any way. To prevent the water from flowing out, the team members can use any part of their body to close up the holes in the UPVC.
  • The team which retrieves the ping pong ball first wins.

Water Brick Relay

  • To move as a whole team from one end to another using bricks and holding cups filled with water.
  • Requires the following
  • 1 bucket, 10 cups and 6 bricks.
  • 10 people
  • The team will be divided into 2 groups (5 members each). One of the groups will be at the starting line and the other at finish line.
  • The objective is to move as a team from one end to another. The start and finish line is spaced about 30 meters apart.
  • Each team members will be holding a cup filled with water and standing on a brick. The whole team will then move together using the bricks with their feet not touching the ground to the finish line. Any team member that touches the ground will then be required to move back to the starting position. The team has the option of moving back to retrieve the member or to proceed on without the team member.
  • At the finish line, the team members will then pour the water into a bucket.
  • When the last member has finished pouring the water into the designated bottle, the first member of the second group will then start to move to the other end using the same method and filling the designated bottle at the other end.
  • The team with the most water in the bucket wins.
  • In the event of a tie, the team that completes the task in the amount of shortest time wins.

Donald Duck Walk

  • To move as a whole team from one end to another by ‘duck walking’ the whole length.
  • Requires the following
  • 7 people
  • The team will be required to ‘duck walk’ the entire distance with their hands on their team member’s shoulders. The team shall move as one without any break. If any of the team member releases his/her hands from the team member’s shoulders, the entire team will be penalised for 5 seconds.
  • The first team that crosses the finish line wins.

So get your friends and let's go have a fun time. FYI, we will be playing each of the telematches twice, so everybody will get a chance. No one will be left out. If any of you have been left out, well we have a lot of water balloons left over. So we just have our own little telematch on the Team Leader :)


Friday, November 2, 2007

Next Saturday, we'll be having a telematch with 10 other churches at YMCA. This time round we will face all of them at the field and pit our skills and abilities with the rest of Ipoh. Including us, we will see the following churches:

Canning Garden Baptist Church
Kledang Community Chapel
Full Gospel Assembly
Church of Praise
Ipoh Wesley
Tamil Methodist
St. Peter
Emmanuel AOG
Word of Life Center

This time around, we will not play the kiddie game of futsal or captain ball. We will show off our agility, balance, dexterity, intelligence, brawns and of course our brains in a test of telematches designed to bring the best out of the participants. So let's get cracking and show to the youths of Ipoh who we are!!!!!


PS: If we lose, well we can say that this is a Christian outing and the first shall be the last, and the last shall be the first, so on and so forth. You'll get the picture. But how can we lose, right? Do try and get some of your friends to join us. It's ok if they haven't joined us before. We are just gonna have some fun in the sun and get wet!!!