Monday, May 31, 2010

The awesome last resort

So..according to the uncle from SSGC who gave us the love gift, we sort of saved the days by stepping in to help out with their church camp's youth and children sections. Okaylah, jangan terlampau bangga lahh but I thought our team did a very good job! ...I am very glad to have tagged along the
team; it was great to catch up with you guys after so long!

With the camera back, what else? Photos lahh!..Don't know what's up with the formatting but have fun reading.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Return of Bukit Merah Trip

It's going to be school holiday again!! But for now I believe most of you guys are having exams and quite stressful. So hopefully this post is able to cheer you up a little bit.:)

Yup as said before, we only POSTPONED this trip. So now we are for sure going to have it (unless Bukit Merah suddenly bankrupt and tutup kedai, I can’t help it then).

Since this is a school holiday, must ajak more friends to come over to join us.OK!

Calling to all ex- EYs all around the world, if you guys miss us so much and wanted to join us in this trip, you are most welcome as well….

The details are as below:-
Date : 12 June 2010
Time : Meet in Elim Church at 8am
            Will reach church most probably at 8pm.
Cost : RM 25 (Entrance Fee for Bukit Merah Water Park)
           RM15 (Dinner and Transportation)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

a little too late, but nonetheless; here's a song that will constantly remind us of how hard it is being a mom.

seriously, not easy at all.

and we just want to say: Mom, you've done a great job and thank you for raising such good and decent kids such as us :) bwa-ha-ha!