Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Fool Am I...

Last EY meeting, we had a topic called 'A Fool and His Happiness Are Soon Parted'. Basically it was a discussion on the Book of Proverbs and the definitions of what is a fool and the types of personality/roles that we become from time to time or in different situations. (The Wise, The Simple, The Fool, The Mocker, The Tempter, The Sluggard).

Not going into too much of the details, one of the activities was asking the people present to complete the following phrase.."A Fool is..." Some of the more interesting ones are as follows:

  • A fool is A fool.
  • A fool is one fool.
  • A fool is one who don't know what a fool is.
  • A fool is someone who jumps into a pool, to play the pool with a stupid tool (or something like that)
We all had a good laugh over the many weird definitions. The study actually defined The Fool as someone who realises his/her foolishness and yet still persists in the said behavior. The example given was drinking and driving. One realizes the foolishness of the action of drinking and driving, and yet still persists in doing it.

That got me thinking. Many a times, we all laughed (I would be the chief culprit here) at the silliness or foolishness of some of the actions of the youths or people that we read on the news or in the internet. We always said to ourselves "Goodness, how dumb/stupid can those people be? I wouldn't be caught doing it.." or something like that. But looking back at my life, I have to wonder what would God be seeing? Am I a fool? I realized that many things I should not be doing, and yet I do. I know the follies of such actions and yet I persists in being the fool. I always thought that if one day when I see God face to face, and out comes a huge plasma TV which would show my entire life...I guess it would pretty much be an episode of Mr. Bean. The foolish things that I have done. Things in secret, things hidden, things that I thought nobody would know or ever find out. Forgetting that God was there all the time. What a fool am I...Still the definition of a fool is that one that persists in carrying out foolish actions. So the question remains, should I remain a fool?

I was a fool, am a fool...will I continue to be a fool? What about you?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"Timeless, gradual, transition..." a phrase first coined by the group of EY Advisers when I first proposed that I stepped down as the 'main' adviser for the EY way back in the early 2009. Now, we have often said that the EY is run by a group of EY advisers, but as is in every group leadership, there will always be one who run or take the lead as it were or take the blame.

For the past 2 years, I have been ...well...blessed to run that role. Blessed? Well, in all honesty, yes, blessed. I was blessed by God to have a team who supports and encouraged me. Truly, it was a wonderful time working with all the advisers. Blessed by a group of youths who well, was a joy to work with, laugh with, play with, struggle with. But as in all good things must come to an end, so do my tenure at the helm. It is not so much as me giving up the work but rather someone else to take the reins while I follow. So now, with the slight rescheduling of personnel, I present to you the respective youth advisers

The new EY Adviser Lead

And the respective departments in the EY will be handled/monitored by the following advisers:

  • Care Group ~ Wan Li & Liyen
  • Sunday School ~ Katan and Group Leaders
  • Worship/Music ~ Ricky & Sook Fern
  • Transport ~ Katan & Kevin Koon

Monday, January 4, 2010


vivien and i took less than 2 hours to learn this song and it has fast become one of my top gospel songs, standing side by side Who Am I? and Inside Out.

love the simplicity of the lyrics, and how apt it is that life is never easy. we face challenges each day, but no matter how tough it is, our Lord Jesus always go before us and we can be rest assured that He will see us through. His mercies are new every morning.

a big thank you to all the Hong Kong friends for teaching us this new song. shows just how mighty our God is! -- when people from all 4 corners of the world bow down to worship him. different languages, but same God!