Monday, April 28, 2008


People seldom acknowledge the good that we do. It didn't matter whether we swam through shark infested water with both our hands tied behind our back and had managed to rescue a drowning man or woman, people will and have always had expected it like it was the norm. It is something that we are supposed to do. Now, the bad that we do, THAT they see. Forgot to comb our hair, forgot to shave, forgot to _______ (fill in the blanks); that they noticed. I remember once during my youth time, I was given the task to lead the Christmas Carolling team. Don't have to read that again, yes, I was given the task to lead the caroling team and this is not a joke and I know April 1st was a month ago. So, I busted my back, came out with the program which was a series of songs that tell of the Christmas story, arranged for the practice and transportation and finally on that very day managed to keep to the posted time. That was a big thing as all the previous years, the carolers were always late. Was there ever a good job, well done or even a small clap on the back…nope. People seldom acknowledge the good that we do. So now winding the clock forward, let's start acknowledging the good that people do.

For these past few months, EY has had several events that people had busted their back on. Granted not all were of flying colors standard, but all were efforts that had sweat, tears, blood, attention, time, patience and love of the organizers which need to be ACKNOWLEDGED. So, let me start the ball rolling:

  1. The 1st EY Program. It was a fun time with the games. Some games, I personally did not take a shine to but the rest of the games, I have thoroughly enjoyed. From the looks of the rest of the youths, well they enjoyed too. So GOOD JOB, Kar Wai and Carmen.
  2. I was asked to start off worship for the month of March. Again not a joke and yes, I know April 1st has passed. I have decided to do things a bit different and had asked some of the youths to take time out to practice first. They had to put up with my 'wonderful' singing and still play the instruments in tune to my voice and tone. That in itself was a huge effort. So again thanks and GOOD JOB, Clarence, Andrew, Shireen and Bernice.
  3. AOG visit to EY. We recently had a combined meeting with the AOG youths. 4 of our youths were tasked to handle the whole affair. They organized some games, ice-breaker and even prepared souvenirs. Some of the games need to be thought out a bit more but generally the whole day was a wonderful affair. Again, GOOD JOB, Kar Wai, Carmen, Shireen and Bernice. Another shout out to Carmen here for 'worship' leading the AOG youths in a brethren church. GOOD WORSHIP!
  4. The 2nd EY Program. We have a group of 71 youths going on a trip to Sg. Klah Hot Springs. To put that number into perspective, our youths numbered about 20. So that is about 3.5 times our EY number!!!. It was a marvelous trip, perfect weather, good fun and blessed fellowship. The youths even arranged to prepare some light lunches for the picnickers. They arranged everything, scouted the place, and arranged the pricing. Again GOOD JOB, Shireen and Bernice. Also not forgetting the ones that helped out with the lunches, photo taking, etc.
  5. A GOOD JOB to all you guys and gals who had participated to the above activities. Because let's face it, if we don't join it, no matter how wonderful the games and activities are, they will all fall flat without your support. So let's all reach out our right hands and pat ourselves on the back. GOOD JOB.
  6. All the taikos and taichehs. GOOD JOB in behaving yourselves. We acknowledge that if you all wanted to, you can make life pretty difficult for all of us. Everybody look up to you guys so you can steer them heavenwards or hellbound. So thank you for pointing them to the right direction and setting a superb example.
  7. Lastly, GOOD JOB, Wan Li, Kok Ming and Kar Wai (the other one). You fellas serve tirelessly, without complaints and not even seeking glory. Here, let me say once and for all that this work was, is and will ever be a GROUP EFFORT. So THANK YOU and GOOD JOB.

So people, feel free to add more to the list. God knows that much more work was done in the background to make EY functions as it is. As we look towards the future, Let us work together, patting each other backs and helping those who stumbled for we all serve the Almighty God.


PS: How can I forget, the one person that made all the above possible, Uncle William. Thanks for the support man, without your approval, wouldn't dare to try half the crazy stunts that we have pulled. But still your name cannot be the last, as ultimately let's all acknowledge The One that made all this possible…Our Awesome God. Thank you.



Saturday, April 26, 2008


A view of the hot spring before we 'invaded' it :)

Let's all hope that all they are doing are just posing

Youths enjoying the water fall

Some of them enjoying the slides

Sorry folks (for subjecting you all to this) but ....

Eggs boiling, let me tell you based on the 3~4 in my tummy, they are good!!!

The bus ride back...

People, we still have photos incoming...these are just the prelims...

It needed to be said, Shireen and Bernice did a splendid job...GOOD WORK girls and taking a cue from uncle William, can give them more...

It also needed to be said that we had perfect weather, blessed trip to and back, wonderful time at the hot springs, PRAISE to GOD!!!


Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay folks, after much planning and preparation (by Shireen and Bernice) and of course not forgetting all those who helped out in all the minor and major details, we will depart for Sg. Klah tomorrow afternoon. It is estimated that we will depart by 1230hrs and arrived back home by 2130hrs. Some ground rules folks, can't really let all of you go without spoiling some of your fun. That's what adults do. It is part of our genetic make up, so don't blame me, I am just following my genes ;)

So the rules, folks:

  1. Shireen and Bernice spent a lot of effort in this, so people give them the support they need.

  2. Also, we have some adults joining, so 'support' them as well.

  3. There are a lot of new people around, so people behave!!!

  4. Mix around and don't stick among your own people

  5. Don't go off wandering alone.

  6. Bring your own water, change of clothes, some money, plastic bag for wet clothes and YOUR BRAIN!!!

  7. Be on time for departure and arrival. Don't get us running all over the place looking for you

Anywayyyyyy, bottom line, we are going there to have fun and enjoy some fellowship with each other and our new friends.

See you tomorrow.


PS: Almost forgot, below are some photos of K'lah!

the saint: Doesn't look as good as hawaii but not too bad huh?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blessed birthday!

Let's see who's this?

Can you guess? No? Let's see the next one. Pay attention to the middle one.

What about this? Still cannot? Okay. I'll give the easiest one. If you still don't know who it is, I don't know what to say anymore.

This is easy. Still cannot? Okay, I'll tell you the truth. Hold your breath.

~ I'm holding... I'm holding... I'm holding... I'm holding... ~

Happy Birthday Steven! Glad to have you with us. Thanks for the laughter that you have brought. Have a blessed birthday!

super 17

He used to be a very small and fragile baby. He has asthma and was forced to drink crocodile soup every week. As small and fragile as he may be, he acquired strong willpower more than any of us do. A strong baby.

And now. A strong man.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I present to you:

Steven Chang!

Happy Birthday Steven boy!!! May all your wishes come true!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

~Don't take my photo la. I shy shy wan.~

~Still wanna take? I'm leaving!~

~I tell my dear. Dear, they bully me.~

A very BIG Happy Birthday to our "aunty" Wan Li (Mrs Tan Kian Aun)! Thank you for being a sister to each and everyone of us in EY. Have a blessed birthday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

leaving on a jet plane...

Here are some photos I've been clicking away much to the annoyance of my dear uncle before he embark on a 38 hours journey to Hawaii.

We had lunch together at Citrus. It used to be Antap Cafe.

At Yoyo.
On the left is a photo of Uncle Saint staring at his big and bulky olive green travelling bag which consists of a month's supply of clothings, 2 Bibles, a pair of sports shoe, socks, toiletries, medications and such. No, I did not peek into his bag :P Foreground: Aunt LP in light green squinting her eyes.
On the right is an emotion of a man en route to a land renowned for their beaches and beautiful vacation spots.

Spotted: the big and bulky olive green bag. Unc Saint brought two bags. One, the twice mentioned "big and bulky olive green bag". Two, laptop bag which is obviously not in the picture because it was on my back.

The hugs and kisses moment. This is where Audrey's eyes starts getting red and where the little sobs are heard. psstt*. Uncle Saint is balding...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

struggling soul survived

I am guilty for being absent from the blogosphere for so long.

I've just finished my thesis, or better known as Final Year Project (FYP). Want to thank Dr. KokMing for providing the most upbeat data and information to me. Right now Im preparing for my final exam due in a weeks' time. Oh dear, did I just mentioned a weeks' time??? bOing~

Here's something that has been burdening me for a very long time. Guess it's time I get it off my chest.

KL is really a happening place. Cant deny that. When I first came to KL, I was really like an "ulu" girl coming to a big city. Everything is so majestic and my eyes did open up, as I've said... ulu ma. Never see big city before. And everything and everyone is so cool. The clothes they wear, the food displayed on the plate, the gigantic shopping malls... and the list goes on.

But one thing that has been an issue for me since coming to KL is tattooing. I find them very cool and extremely sexy. Especially around the waist area. Getting up from the chair, exposing what lies beneath that sheer piece of cloth. So drop dead gorgeous! ohh-la-la...

Here's the dilemma. On one hand, I know that it is mentioned in the Bible that the body is a holy temple and we shouldnt "dirty" it, on the other hand, I want it! I really want to get a tattoo!

I've been contemplating this past 3 years -- to tattoo or not to tattoo? Initially, I did not tattoo because my granny said she'll disown me if I do. *gulp* Then I came up with a brilliant idea -- tattoo somewhere she couldnt see lar. Like my lower spine or near my belly where it is always covered up :P When I want to do something, I can always come out with excuses.

As time passed, the excitement of getting a tattoo slowly dies down. But it doesnt leave me in peace for very long, cause after a good 2 months or so, this idea comes haunting me again. Off and on. Off and on. For three years.

All these while, I've been asking around for opinions on tattoos but their answer was not strong enough to deter me from resisting tattoo. I've even ask God for signs. Unfortunately, no definite answer was given.

Last week, during the Ladies' Bible study, I brought this topic out. I feel that it's time I open up because I cant seem to find the solution. And I dont want to be tempted to do things I will regret later on in life. I need a way out!

Heart was poured and each has their own opinion towards tattooing. Auntie SooHan spoke up and gave me a verse. She told us she was meditating and suddenly this verse popped out of no where. She wrote it down at the side of the book, maybe, she said, this verse was meant for me...

"Dont be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God."
1 Peter 3:3,4

The verse speaks for itself. After the long angel-versus-devil-on-my-shoulder battle... I've decided not to tattoo my body. I want to keep it pure and holy for God and for my future husband :)


Sunday, April 6, 2008

EY Program 2nd Edition

EY Program 2nd Edition
"Sungai Klah Expedition"
"It could be hot or it could be cool, but it will defintely be fun!!!"
April 26, 2008
First Show (only show) 1230 to 2130
Produced and Directed by Shireen and Bernice
Ticket Price: RM 15
Now accepting advance booking!!!

First toast of the month...

Who comes to your mind when you hear "belly wave"? Who comes to your mind when fishballs on the cheeks is mentioned? Who comes to your mind when you hear the word chubby?

~Who would stuck his head into a Super Ring plastic bag?~

~Who would do an expression like this when bullied by Clarence?~

~Who would do this look when listening to Kian Aun talking?~

~Who's back is that?~

Yup! It's none other but the cute, chubby WAI KIT (or known as ERIC). This boy here added laughter to our group ever since he first joined us in EY. He is always "bullied" (or teased) by someone known as his "kai gor" (godbrother) but didn't mind (cos they think that it's fun). Thanks boy for giving us so much joy! Happy Birthday!!!