Thursday, October 30, 2008

People, ReMember the soNG wE Did in Batu gAJah,
some of you might have not come across this song before but then again you might coz I remembered the Hall was fill the Sound of the lyrics.

Neway, we R doing it aGain this niTE worSHIp. HeRe's the Song and the lyrics.

Our God is a glorious GOd & let us praise Him in His glory & majesty, let Us raise ouR hands to Him for aLl of His is GlORiOus


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


People, for this week's caregroup... we are going to do something less stressful. The game that we had in the last caregroup (which i did not play), got my throat sore with all the shouting...

In addition to that, a number of us will not be around due to some other engagements. So, we decided to take a break and do...BBQ!!! Yeah, I know...its either sore throat from the shouting or the hot foods, haiz....

So, people, its your choice. You could either have some light dinner and come over for fellowship and some food, or you could starve and binge during the BBQ. We will not start earlier but at the usual time 8:00pm (Again, I know, its 8 not 8:30...) but worry not, I will get the fire started already, by the time you arrive, the fire will be just nice for the BBQ.

So see you people this friday....


Sunday, October 26, 2008

BGYP & EY Part 2

People, been trying to post this since last night....somehow it just didn't work...but through perserverance...voila...

Enjoy, our very much talented singers of EY and guest starring a BGYP....


Saturday, October 25, 2008


A year ago, we would never have dared to try something like this. A year ago, we would not have the faith to see this through. "How difficult is it to go visit another brethren church young people and have fellowship with them?" you may asked. Well, to have fellowship is easy but to go there and conduct the entire meeting is another thing all together. This year, we have been going to different churches' youth fellowship; some to just join in their program and some to handle part of the program but never an occassion like entire program. So EY went...

God is great! Over the entire program, from the worship to the games, I have seen how blessed the EY are with these wonderful group of youths. They participated, they fellowshipped, they taught and they worshipped God. I have also seen the potential in the up and coming group of young people in EY. Indeed, God is great!

So, enough words, now unto the pictures...

The travelling group...a total of 6 cars (26 people all in)

Journey was long...well, long enough for some to catch some zzzs

The troupe arrives at Batu Gajah

Our worship leaders for the day, Andrew and Shireen. Bernice and Samuel were also part of the team

The hall of young people BGYP and EY

The YPs paying attention during the sharing

Well, not all, some may be falling asleep....Ahem...

Somehow or rather we always have food. Thanks Batu Gajah!!!

We had cakes, noodles, curry, capati, etc. Well, some sure enjoyed their food.

Nothing paints a better picture than that expression of the taste. Enough said!

After the 'feilo'ship, the EY taught the BGYP the basics of the frisbee game.

Adeline Chang showing the finer points to two BGYPs

Andrew and one of the younger BGYP. In the back, we have Li Qi teaching two other BGYPs.

Errr...I hope this is not BGYP showing our Mr Kai the correct way to hold?

All in all, a BIG THANK YOU to Batu Gajah Young People.

We had fun. We were indeed blessed that we came. We hoped that the Batu Gajah Young People also had a wonderful time. Indeed, altogether now...say..'God is Great!'


Friday, October 24, 2008

A Friendly Reminder...

People, as we have already informed, this week, we will continue on in our efforts to go visit all (well, all that will welcome us at least) youth fellowships in and around Ipoh. This week, we are supposed to join our fellow youths in Shekiniah but something came up (for them) We now will visit our fellow youths in Batu Gajah.

Again, as before some ground rules:

Time: 3:30pm ~ 7:00pm
(We will meet and depart from Elim at 3:30pm. Latecomers will have to join us in spirit. We will also arrive back in Ipoh by 7:00pm. So do let your parents/guardians know. Batu Gajah actually wanted to buy us dinner but I had to decline as we had to get you fellas back in time. Haiz...if not, I could have had a nice meal)

Place: Batu Gajah Gospel Hall
(Where? Well, for a start in Batu Gajah. Not sure where? Well, we'll bring you there. No worries)

Program: Our Normal EY Program
("What? We have a normal program?" Very funny, guys and gals...of course we have a normal program. Apparently someone (should be read as Uncle William) told them things about us and they wanted to see what we do. So we are taking over the program. Guess this is the time to prove them that we are the same old everyday joes and janes)

ProgramII: Some additional info and requirements on our side...
(Shireen will be leading the worship and Katan will be handling the session. At the end, we all will be teaching them how to play frisbee. So dress appropriately. I guess you could throw a frisbee in a miniskirt as well as in shorts. The decision is yours.)

So, people, we will see you this saturday and will bring our brand of craziness to Batu Gajah. Let's hope they don't get infected, lest we get banned from Batu Gajah...haha. Anyhow...let's us go there and have a bit of fun. See ya...


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another birthday.. so many birthdays in a row..

~Hi.. my name is Shaun. Shaun Low.. ~
~Yes.. my brother's birthday is few days before mine [but I'm the "tai kor" ok!?]~
~since I'm the "tai kor", I need to share my things with my brother [even if I don't want to.. I still need to put on a smile.. :)]~
~anyway, I'm still very happy as I don't have to share my horse.. kaka~
Happy birthday Shaun!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

what did God created you as?

God has been speaking to me a lot lately. the past few weeks, i focused a lot on the bitterness part and now, God wants me to direct my focus back on the sweetness of life.

i've been meaning to put this up last night. but i was too tired from driving to church and picking up katan, karkoon and waikoon (got such thing ar?), plus i spent too much energy screaming in the car... so, yea... here goes! :)

our God is a creative God. when He created the heavens and the earth, He adds in colours, pump in music and zings our tastebuds.

hence, today, we lick away to the sweetness of an ice cream, we wince at the sour sensation of lemon and pulls away when our food is too salty.

the same applies to life -- it is all about flavours. and this is exactly the topic we had in caregroup last night.

quoting wanli, all of us carry different flavours. we have different personality. different character. different family background. different interests. different sense of fashion. and the list goes on.

we're all like goods in a supermarket that comes in different packaging and different sizes. some came as raisins -- soft and gentle. some as sprinkles -- beautiful in it's array of colours. some as syrup -- sweet and likeable. some as bananas -- giving us a healthy dose of protein in friendship. some as nuts -- crazy and lively. all these things when added together create the most superb ice cream in the whole world!

when life is not all sweet and dandy like sugar coated candy, this is where we, with our own specialty and uniquess all come in and work our magic. sprinkle faith to that person, rub some syrup to take away the bitterness and boost that person's confidence with a yellow banana.

these people need help!

as members of a big family, we're all here for each other. we lift each other up, we care, we share, we tease, we play, we laugh, we cry, we pray.

thanks katan, from the bottom of my heart

in life, sometimes it takes bitterness for one to appreciate sweetness. tragic isnt it? this kind of wake up call is the most painful of all... but God is good. in moments like this is where God will send people like you, you and you to be the syrup, bananas and nuts. toppings like this instantly spice up a dull looking ice cream into a presentable one. it will be hard phase to go thru, but at the end of the day, we'll savour the fruit of our hardship as we emerge as a better and stronger person.

there is nothing that we cannot do! we are Elim Youth! we are energetic and young, the next generation to take the baton and do great and mighty things for God! our differences groups us together and lift us to greater heights!

1 Corinthians 12:21

The eye cannot say to the hand, "I don't need you!"
And the head cannot say to the feet, "I don't need you!"

let's look around us. is there anyone waddling in the valley and is struggling to get out of it? is there anyone who needs our prayers? anyone who is sick? those sitting for their exam, do you know how their preparation is going?

God created each of us differently because the world would be a boring place if everyone acts the same, talks the same and behave the same.

God created me as a nut. what did God created you as?

Happy birthday to you (x2).. Happy birthday to.. xxx.. Happy birthday to you..

~to the one who once liked to spike his hair (wonder why he doesn't now)~

~to the one who likes to pose like this when his photo is taken~

~to the one who is circled in the photo~
~to the one who is still circled in the photo~
Happy Birthday Yan Hoe!!!

Apart from that, there's another person who is having her birthday today. It's Clara. Though she doesn't come for our youth meetings, we still want to wish her a very HAPPY and BLESSED BIRTHDAY!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

by charlie hall

Bros & Sis.....learn this up...gonna sing it to our God this coming night worship. :D


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A blessed birthday to you (Part 2)

As promised, the photos are up now!!!

~Let's spot which is Glenn (ask Amelia for the answer if you really are that lousy)~

~aww.. brotherly love~

~Hi! My name is Glenn. Today...~

~Finally, I graduated!!! Firstly, I want to thank my parents, my siblings, my teachers,etc...~

~Swing me up, swing me down, swing me up and down~

A blessed birthday to you (Part 1)

Somehow some technical problem arose and I couldn't get the photos up. But, I'll post those up later. Everybody's childhood photos will have a chance to be published up on this blog (unless I can't find any). And since I found some this time, I won't waste that chance. The above video was recorded last Sunday when a surprised party was given to... (you will know later)!!! The birthday song recorded wasn't complete. But, it somehow ended with those keys that can hardly be reached by Kian Aun (but still wanna sing loud loud) and with a slowed motion style. Is Ricky involved as well? I don't know. Try differentiating the sound that you hear. Is it Ricky's or Kian Aun's?

Happy birthday to you Glenn!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Are You Game?

People, some updates on the upcoming programs...that needs your participation or contribution (hence the title of the post, Are you game?) Dare we take the challenge? Or dare you all take the challenge?

Do what? Well, first up will be the month's end combine fellowship...

The combined fellowship with the Shekiniah Youth is cancelled because their church is having some special program. So we have shifted our fellowship to another place. We are going to Batu Gajah to join the Batu Gajah Gospel Hall Youth Fellowship. They will be starting at 4:30pm and ending around 6. So if you want to join, be in Elim by 330pm and inform your parents, we will be a bit late in coming back. We should be back in ELim before 7:00pm. That's easy, right...surely if it means going there then you all should be game...but how can things be as simple as that with me...The Batu Gajah people (don't know where or who they hear it from...I am thinking Uncle William) wants us to take over their youth meeting, to show them how EY does things. So, now are you game? (Sorry people, it won't be the advisors this time round to handle the things)

The second thing is a bit far off, but still we need to give a reply...

AOG, remember them? We have joined their youth fellowship and they have came over and joined us...has invited us to join or co host a Prom Night program in Christmas Eve. We will have some games, fellowship, food, best dressed and best couple competition, etc. Basically, a prom night minus the alcohol. Hey if you all want, could also make it into a costume party with a theme. Again, are you game?


PS: Let me know in the chat box or the comments.

PS to myself: Don't know why I keep on asking you all to reply in the chat or comments boxes for feedbacks...nobody ever does..sigh.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Something New

Hey Peps,

To fill in for the silence between posts, gonna link up some songs' video that i've found interesting and very much ministered to me throughout my weeks. And also gonna make this opportunity to introduce new songs that we don't get much from anywhere else.

Remember the song - God of This City - the unofficial themesong for the year end mission trip - gonna start with this one.

Do enjoy the song & really figure out the lyrics.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Caregroup & Night Worship

It has been two months since we have started the caregroup again. The caregroup is on a Friday and is followed by the church's Night Worship on Saturday. For those of you who are still wondering why we are doing this, well...We are having the caregroup due to several reasons. One of which is the fact that we are having a Night Worship on a Saturday, so the caregroup is to keep the fellowship going. So far, the feedback long as we keep the food is coming, the people will be there...and of course the fellowship was not too bad either.

All in all, after a period of two months, the caregroup for EY could not be called a resounding success. There are many things that we can and need to improve on but it is a start. We,...I have enjoyed it. It is a different environment, different setting and that gives rise to a different kind of fellowship among the youths. Its more relax, less hectic and ... a bit more fun.


PS: See you next friday in the Caregroup...some pics for those who did not manage to join us...

Meeting in Kar Wai's house. Don't misunderstand, this is only the upstairs living room. Not the actual living room.

Humpty and Dumpty...

Playing a game during the caregroup. We were supposed to imitate the sound of an action and passed it down the line. The last person was to guess what that action was. My favorite was the 'growl, growl, plub, plub' Supposed to be frying an egg and the last person guessed it was 'bombing tokyo'

Pssst....let's go down and eat first...katan is getting long winded...

We had nachos, dip, fried bihun, sausages, pineapple tarts, and a cake...(we are there for the fellowship, seriously, we are)

Our night worship on the following day. Li Qi was doing the back up singing. Great Job!

We had a group from Canada, Phillipines and India sharing God's Word with us that night.

After the night worship, we all went out for a drink...(we are also there for the fellowship not the food, seriously, we are)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Great birthday celebration!!!

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Li Yen who longed to be a princess. Like every princess stories that we read when we were young, she was waiting for her prince charming to arrive.

She waited and she waited and she waited...

Many prince charming came by but there wasn't anyone that she liked. Though she enjoyed seeing them and dance happily with them. She believed that her prince charming has yet to appear. So.. she waited and waited and waited and waited...

So, finally the day came...!! The long awaited day..!!! She was sitting on a... (don't know what's that up there.. just call it whatever you want). As she wasn't rather stable while she wanted to sit on it, she nearly fell to the ground. At that moment, this prince charming got her at the right time and HE SAVED HER.. from falling. That was what people say - hero saves the beauty. It was love at first sight.

"Hi.. My name is Ricky.. Yours..?"

"Erm.. Li.. Li Yen.."

After that day, they became friends. 4 years ago, on Li Yen's 19th birthday, Ricky asked for her hand (no la.. just kidding.. ask to be a girlfriend only..). And, they got together.

Having ice cream together in Germany? I think. (eh.. lack of one spoon wo.. oh.. I know! One spoon better. Sweeter mar. Should have ask the waiter not to add any sugar to the ice cream. Haha..)

A very special 23rd birthday present.

For the benefit of those who CAN'T SEE it properly, I have this "paused" part specially for you.

Happy birthday Li Yen!!