Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hello hello my fellow ey'erss,

This coming weekend we are going down south to visit our dear bro n sis in BSGC...What are we going to do there? Basically to have some fellowship with them, makan makan, jalan jalan, tengok wayang and definately you are going to enjoy it.

We will be going down on Sat. BSGC youths already planned all the activities for us on that day so we just join in and have fun. On Sun, we are still open for suggestions, no specific place or activities planned yet....anything fun, cheap, exciting, we will go for it. =)

Below are some details on the trip:

Date                   : 31 July(Sat) and 1st August(Sun)
Time                   : Meet in church at 9am (Sat)
                            Back on Sun around 8pm
Cost                   : Bring as much as you need(RM100-120 should be enough)..
                            if extra can belanja us makan also no prob!
Transportation    : By car

Anything else I left out? If anything you need to know just give me or Katan a call k.

p/s: PLs remember to pass me your parents permission slip to me this Sat.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have you ever..

...mentioned your parents' contribution in your successes?

Recently, I have had opportunities to be praised by people I met. Random people I talked to said "I'm good at talking", "I know how to carry myself", "I'm rather open minded", "I'm smart" and those sweet nothings. Well, not exactly sweet nothings lah..they are more of like, sweet somethings.

So, I reacted politely by saying "Thank you". I didn't even try to feign humility by saying "Oh it's nothing much" or other similar phrases. Just "Thank you".

And after that, I thought I should tone down my confidence by forwarding some of those praises to the education that I get in MGS, or the teachers who taught me back in secondary school, or my education in Canada. Or my existing crowd of friends.

I just realized that I was very quick to thank everyone around me, except my parents.

Yes, the education I am getting is top-notched, my secondary schooling years were fun filled with friends who were quirky and interesting. Each of these formed the virtues I still hold in life. But hey, my parents play great parts as well. They thought me dignity and respect, humility and gentleness, patience and forgiveness. And many other lessons of life, to be cliche.

So my current goal is to mention my parents when people talk about my "goodness". Because they deserve their due respect.

This is somewhat a weird post. Do let me know your thoughts. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

T-Shirt Designs!!!!

Its time for us to update our t-shirt designs...our last t-shirt design, the black and green lettering..was a few years back, and (BTW...where is my EY t-shirt???)..Anyway..we have the design down for the t-shirt but are kinda split for choice for the 'polo t'...Yupe...we are doing a polo-t as well...Back to the point of this post...we are uploading the pictures of the ts...what we require from you all are...well...vote on your preferred colour for the polo-t as well as indicate as to the size that you want, for us to do the booking. (People, we are taking your votes to do the booking, so please don't spam...)

The New EY T-Shirt


Red Hot Chili Peppers....

Cool Blue....

PS: The t-shirts are designed by....(applause people!!!) our sister...Yee Sue

Monday, July 12, 2010

Alrightttt...Hong Kong strikes!

No no I'm not referring to my other half here okay. I'm talking about the group of Hongkies who are already here in our church!...and apologies, that was an insider's joke.

If I am not mistaken, there was a group of Hongkies from Soccer for Christ who went for an exposure trip to Ipoh last year and we hosted them for a week. I think the picture of Kim Chi Chun holding hands with he-who-shall-not-be-named was taken during that very event last year! This year, it's happening again. And NO, I'm not talking about the hand holding thingy lahh. I meant the former.

In order to be friendly to our guests,we'll be having a potbless this coming Thursday (July 15) and maybe a short presentation after that. Good mixture of local foods (which hopefully I'll be able to get it in time) and a fun group of jokers plus some nice visitors from the land of TVB dramas, Ip Man and the likes, and terribly polluted air. What's a better way to chill after a tough day at work or school?

Alright, advertisement time's over. Got to get back to work..then again, bosses are not in. Anyway, 7pm this Thursday in our great big hall. No need to bring anything (of course, if you insist, bring some nice kuih muih), just bring yourself. So come and be friendly :)


p/s: and let me take some pictures of and for you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

KIM CHI CHunnnnn!!

Well tis is a bit outdated but I guess it is worth a post.....

If you guys do not know, actually in our midst we also have a Korean star--look-alike--, who is much better known as our very own... KIMCHI CHUN!!! Yes...it's him...the latest encounter was when right after the Korean performance ..., Kimchi, dengan bergaya-nye, went up the stage and performed his drum SOLO...and guess what...his skills and gorgeous looks attracted millions (ops...exaggerate a bit la...) of girls who actually went up to him, queuing for his signature!!! cool huh...and yes yes yes he's from ELIM!...

Thanx to our papa, papa, paparazi, William the Great who managed to fulfil our curiosity with this PRICELESS picture...take a peek:

 Ha ha ha...nah jz joking...here it comes for the real pic......let me present to you...KIM CHI CHUNNNN!!

Thanx to another reliable source...we received another PRICELESS picture.

OHHH NOO...who is that lucky guy standing next to a 99% Kimchi look-alike-guy???
*Sighh*...wat a waste..I'm sorry girls ='(

Friday, July 2, 2010

PrOgRaM fOr THiS WeeK



DATE : FRI( 2 JULY 2010)
TIME : 8.00 pm

For those who are wondering what care group is all about.....Basically, we gather to have a relaxing time together, sharing on our lives , praying for each other , fellowship and also a short time of learning. 

So,do make yourself available ya!


DATE : SAT( 3 JULY 2010)
TIME : 8.00pm

Amanda Lee is a professional pianist and she is organising this mini concert as a mean to reach out to the people. As she is so faithful offering her talent and time for the Kingdom of God to hold this mini concert, we should also do our part by extending the invites to our families and friends to join this event.

Also, we sincerely need your prayer for that night that those non-believer who came will be saved.