Monday, January 28, 2008

What's in a Name?

In my tuition classes as well as the EY, I have always encouraged the people to call me by my name. My GIVEN name, given by my parents of course and not the ones bestowed by our well loved 'Uncle W'. Somehow I am not comfortable with names that I felt that I am underserving. Case in point is the tuition classes. The students called me 'teacher'. I literally had goosebumps. I don't know about them, but I was uncomfortable. I have continued to encourage them to call me by my name. Even in the EY, I have also asked them to call me by name as well, none of this 'uncle' stuff. Makes me feel so old, jaded or worse ancient. I could be in denial, but heck if I am old enough to be called an uncle then I could also be old enough to have my 'eccentricities' (my quirks). So in a weird way, they called me by name and my wife, an auntie. DIDN'T see that coming. Married to an auntie is also not so good for my fragile image of a young chap either. Sigh...what's in a name.

A funny thing happened today during the frisbee game, didn't know if any of you fellas picked it up. 'A' threw a pass to 'B' and at the same time yelled or rather called out to 'B' which is kinda normal except 'A' called out 'darling'. Which I thought was quite lucky for 'A' that he completed the pass accurately. Can you imagine if the aim was off or the pass was intercepted, boy, he would then have quite some explanation to do. Who is 'A'? Well, for those who played, they would know, wouldn't be good of me to tell :) ...


PS: Doc, you could do mushy just fine..;)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust !

Been a looooooooobg time since I post here. Been busy with the work related problems. Standing around and pointing to people asking them to do work is very tiring on my fingers and feet. Now that my fingers and legs are getting stronger from the practice, I AM BACK!

So, folks, how's the new year with the programs and the ULTIMATE FRISBEE. Gotta admit to you fellas, did not expect you fellas to pick it up so fast and playing it quite well. Just to give you an example, last time when Qi-Qi caught the frisbee, you just need to yell at her, she'll drop the frisbee. Now, not only does she do a good pass, but she'll take the frisbee and push you away! Way to go, Girl!. And Ber and Chow, the touchdown specialist. Remember when you gals would scream at us not to pass to you, now you scream at us for not passing to you. Great going. And the rest, well let's say, soon, Vincent Chan will not be in our league.

So, what's with the title of this post. Well folks, I have been teaching tuition for Add Maths for the Form 4 and 5. Initially, for the Form 4, I have about a group of 8 + 1 (why +1? loooooong story). Recently one of the students dropped out because she couldn't catch up. That got me thinking. Might I be going to fast or am I too 'canggih' in my explanation. So I post to them whether am I going to fast and do they understand. The funny thing is that they say they do understand and will also stop me if they do not understand. It's funny coz they kinda expected me to know whether they un or not. Funny becoz, they behave like my wife, expect me to know why I have pi**ed her off. Well, my wifey, if you are reading this, if I know, I wouldn't have done it right? (Maybe not, since I kinda like making her jump, sorry). So gals, you need to let me know, I am kinda dense sometimes, ok, most of the times....ok, ok, all the times. So raise your hands, throw your chairs, pull your hair, scream your lungs out. Let me know! Sigh......Another one bites the dust. Wonder who is next?


Thursday, January 24, 2008


People!!! Please take note that we're having our youth meeting this Saturday as usual in church. We won't be going to Ipoh Wesley as said in the bulletin. The combined fellowship is postponed to next Saturday.

We're going to have our Chlidren Holiday Club during the holidays in March, which is (10/03/2008 - 14/03/2008). We need volunteers. Those interested, please give your name to Uncle Jimmy. We're going to have a meeting for all helpers this Sunday after the morning worship. PLEASE TURN UP if you're interested to help. Thanks alot.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hey folks. here's one long long post for you.

i just remembered i'm one of the few who should update (editor sounds too...heavy for me) our blog after i saw those ear piercing and heart breaking messages on the spam board.

well, i can't update on church events since i'm barely there but since i'm up to writing, i suppose i'll just...say something.

let's start with, me. about what's happening to me.

no one knows what's up with me, except for that one call i get and a few messages now and then. and i don't get deep down into my life in blog. and i'm pretty much heartless is sending and replying sms-es.


i'm fine i suppose. homework is piling. sleeping time is limited. let's just say my days are filled and i'm on the verge of going berserk. oh yes i am.

my walk with God? it's alright.

that is, i'm not on the brink of falling out or anywhere near that.

sometimes i have the urge to sit down and cry. to sob quietly. and cry and cry and cry.


i miss home and the comfort of familiar faces. i miss home so much that i'm surprised at myself.

you know when you're in school, no matter how stressed up and freaked out you are, you know you're not going anywhere else but home at the end of the day. going home to good ol' bed and going home to the presence of mum and dad. you'll probably get a hug as well.

back at home, you know you have friends who have stuck by you for a gazillion years. loyalty put to test and they turn out to be your most loyal fans and you're their fans as well.

away from home, you've got to start all over again. doing your best to change your little corner in your unit to a hidey hole and make everything smells like everything at home. but heck, it's not home.

you've got to make new friends. for me, friends who'll be around me for maybe only a year. and for me, one who is not so willing to confide in anyone, it's harder. 6 months on, and my friends and i are good friends. laughters and more laughters and complains. period.

i don't know, but you don't make close friends out of good friends in a snap of fingers. i'm stubborn i guess.

sometimes i miss home so much that i dread waking up.

all the sad stuffs huh?

undoubtedly, i have my share of fun. i can't say i hate the life i have now. i'm no hypocrite. living out let me reign my life, my time, my activities. it makes you alive. you learn. you see things. you go places. you move on. you have freedom.

definitely the prime time of one's life.

i'm thankful for that. really, i am. i'm thankful that God made me who i am.

after all, it's a don't worry, be happy time.

each morning especially when i dread college so much, i pray. i sit on my bed and pray. a short one.

then i think of those small things i look forward to, like my english class. i love my english class and i love doing the assignments.

watching Gilmore Girls online. the things i do in my hidey-hole. looking through the pro photos in flickr. cooking with my room mate. unlimited access to chocolates and ice cream (drawback = no cash) all those small stuffs.

i think that's how i get through the days.

and then there's the "Lord, i don't know how i'm going to work with this person in my group. Help me to control myself from being bossy and loud. Amen." prayers. and things worked out well. =)

the joy of the Lord has definitely been my strength.

missing home? i just tick off the days, until it is the day for me to hop on a bus and go home.

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:4

sometimes, He puts things in my days that make me go all excited and hyped. like the idea of teaching Maths in a children's shelter which i really look forward to. and the mention of short term missions which i really hope i can go this year. (i have a list of things i wish to do, 50 things and more altogether, and one of it is to become a missionary. haha, unpredictable huh?)

so, how am i doing?

i'm well and not 100% swell. and yes, i'm still with God. i stick Bible verses on the wall to...well, remind me that i can do it.

dear kian aun, i gave you a short answer yesterday. this is a more complete one and someday, i'll show you the pictures of the on-the-wall bible verses.

and i'm sticking to Ipoh. DON'T call me a KL person.


i'll see you guys soon =)

till then,

p/s: don't have the impression that leaving home is that sad an affair. i just dramatise it to make it juicy and palatable.

Dedicated to our future "cikgu"

Hei.. Looks like the other table got more food leh.. should I shift to that table?? aiya.. paiseh tim.. nvm la.. c enuf d la.. =( (created dialogue)

Wei.. dun like that la.. This is my food okay!!! Dun stare at my food!! It's mine.. Dun harap to get any!!! Muakaka!! (created dialogue)

Fei Wong, Happy Birthday!!!! =) God bless!!!


Everyone in Elim

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mini updates!!!

Sorry guys. It's been days since I(or we?) last update the blog. Okay.. We've started off with our youth meeting on the 5th this month, with turnout more than 20 people. Praise the Lord!!! And we learnt how to play..FRISBEE!!! Well.. I think all managed to get the hang of it and they liked it alot. And they're sort of crazy about it. And I don't know why?

Okay.. We're having our first Saturday evening worship of the year this Saturday. Same time(8pm), same place(EGH). Come and join us. Don't forget to prepare yourself first. =) See you then.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!!!!

Yay!! I'm the first to post the first blog of the year 2008. Haha.. Anyway, i just wanna encourage each and everyone of you who are reading the blog. Do your best in what ever you are involved in. Remember that you are doing it for the Lord and not to please anybody else. This is a new year and a new beginning. If you think that you haven't live to the fullest last year, don't be sad. You can live it to the fullest this year (provided you are determined). Set your new year resolution and make sure that you make them true. However, busy also must remember to come to EY meetings. DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!!! IT'S VERY IMPORTANT!!! Lastly, continue to grow in the Lord and walk with Him.

*Deuteronomy 31 :8
Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord is the one who goes before you. He will be with
you, He will neither fail you nor forsake you.