Sunday, September 28, 2008

EY Program Part 3 Pictures!!!

Someone is sure very happy about the EY program. Wonder what is he so cheerful about?

Our two lovely and quite talented songleaders of the night. Bravo, girls!!!

Our EYs who turned out to support.

Our musicians... full bands folks, full band!

Our brother Ken Lee also played drums for one of the song. Go, Ken go!

Our sister Bernice playing the piano and Shireen playing the bass guitar.

Our sister Shireen playing the drums...wait..she plays the piano, the guitar and now the drums...what is she trying to be..a one man band...oops one woman band.

Our EYs sitting down for the first game, a cat, mouse, rat or a mouse chasing rat or something like that. I was so confused.

Andrew getting punished.....

Our EYs joining together as a show of unity....not...they are gathering together to play another game

Our EYs gathering together for a time of prayer...not! Its another game that they are playing...I was not really sure what was happening then...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

EY Program Part 3 Update

Breaking News!!!!

Some updates, on the programs. People, our songleaders for the night are Li Qi and Adeline Chang. Great, huh? Our two up and coming youths of the EY will strut their stuff on the big stage. So come and see and give them your support....

On top of that, En Li will be in charge of the games/ice-breakers. So do come and support her also.

This EY program will be predominantly handled and conducted by EY's younger sisters. Girl Power!!! See you this Saturday.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You all gave me smiles :)

I was depressed yesterday. University is tough and demanding. I woke up at 6am to do my problem sets, and I still don't get the answers. First year of Canadian education is different. Sometimes, out of the sudden, I feel I'm not smart enough, intelligent enough, hardworking enough for Engineering Science.

I felt alone yesterday. I was thinking about Christmas when the choir (yes I'm in a choir and that's where angels sing. Including me! :D ) mentioned caroling. I was asking myself, "Who am I going to celebrate Christmas with this year?". My sis is so far in UK, I have no relatives here albeit a lot of Malaysian friends. I remember the choir practices, the caroling, the makan session with you guys in church. I feel so far away from home.

But today is a different story. It is now 8.34am, 12 hours later than home. I started my day with more problem sets. You'll say "What the...". I say that too but hey man, that's how I keep up with work. A bit pathetic eh? Haha.

Then I read this blog. And I laughed. I smiled. Life is better now :)

This is to tell everyone at home that you people are giving me strength in many untold ways. Even I don't understand it but whenever I read this blog, whenever I look at some of those silly spams, I am encouraged to study even more. Haha. And I feel as if the world is in my hands after all :D After all, life's all about making myself smile at times when I don't feel like it.

As this "camera" upgrades herself (I feel so important! ) in Canada, train up another camera lah! And man, I miss using "lah-meh-mah-s". Canadians don't understand you if you end your sentences with lmm-s. Weird.

I realize all of you are my Godsend guardian angels, backing me up all the while and I'm sure each one of you are some one else's angels as well :)

Now I have to run and do other problem sets.

Love, crap and rock on!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy birthday to you...

Yes! Another birthday... Come one.. Let's scroll down..

-I'm the future pianist!! Don't play play.. (but turned out to be a bassist instead)-

-One little, two little, three little Indian.. (first one in line)-

-I'm gonna be a rock climber..!! (still not one yet)-

-I'm gonna find treasures!!! (still haven't get anything yet)-

-I'm in the Lord's army.. YES SIR!!!-

Can't figure it out? It's none other than my brother - VINCENT (chan)!!! To the one who is so crazy over frisbee, to the one who is a brother to many people in EY, to the one who is... (I ran out of words!) Although you always say that you're a visitor back here in Ipoh, you are still part of the big family in EY. A very blessed birthday to you!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

EY Program Part 3

People, we are having the third edition of the EY program. This time round, we are getting our brother, Henry Chow and sister En Li, to plan things. We however would not want you fellas to have all the fun, so the EY advisors are joining in. The Ey advisors will be putting on a show for you all. How long has it been, since you all don't have to be involved in a play and can just sit back and relax? You won't get the EY advisors doing this again, so do come and see...

EY Program Part 3
Venue: Elim Gospel Hall
Time: 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Special Attraction: EY advisors' show (won't happen again for a long time, a very long time)

See you there....


Friday, September 19, 2008

Caregroup Photos

Lacking our camera (who is currently under going upgrading exercise in Canada), we make do with what we have and... Voila!! The pictures from the Caregroup No 3 in Uncle William's palace

Perhaps this should not be the first picture. The "fei lo" ship part of the caregroup

Our 'Clarence' replacement that we had ordered but delivered late.

Our 'Clarence' replacement that they delivered wrongly but we still accepted. Looks better than the 'old' model though.

Now, I don't know much about music but somehow I picture the chords for the songs to be slightly different. Then again, what do I know.

Some of the caregroupies

Another hidden 'Clarence'. Here we were worried that we would not have any guitarist when Clarence left. God provided us three!!!


Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Its been a wonderful year plus that we had shared this ministry together. We as in all the EY advisors and all the youths. We had seen new faces and bid farewell to some of the 'old' faces. We had implemented new programs and restarted old ones too. In short, we have come not quite a long way, but some distance in this journey of growing and maturing together in our Lord.

Looking back, we never did think that we could pull off some of the things that we had planned. The K'lah trip where we had about 70+ youths from all over joining us. The orphanage trip which left some of us teary eyed (admit it, you were misty eyed when the orphans sang the song "You are my all in all" with such gusto) Some even shouted 'remember me' to some (strictly speaking one) of us as we were leaving. The visitation to the different youths groups and the fellowship with them. The BUG games where we threw plates (frisbees) and balls (tchoke ball) at each other (hey, some of you are pretty good in aiming at their faces). The caregroups (now into the third meeting) and the night worship where we all came together just to raise our hands to heaven and proclaim the goodness of God. Indeed, we had travelled quite a fair bit of distance and we are very much encouraged and blessed that we shared this journey together.

Looking ahead, again I am here thinking that we may not pull off some of the things that we have planned. I know, oh ye of little faith. Truth to be told, I am afraid. Not afraid that you, the youths, will disappoint us, the advisors (we have been consistently 'surprised' by your commitment and growth) but rather afraid of us not keeping up, not being able to help, support, guide, encourage you along the way. Looking ahead, we sincerely hope that not one, not even one of you will be left aside. That all of us will board this bus, this vehicle called EY and travelled together in this journey. We have planned numerous stops along the way. The most immediate one would be the mission trip. Five of you have signed up and we are going...(need to remind the advisors here). Next would be the carolling. At the same time, the caregroups, night worship, EY programs, EY meetings, BUG will still be ongoing. Looking ahead, we, the advisors are glad, are blessed that we were invited in this journey by you, by God.


PS: Pls forward to me any pictures that you may have of all the EY activities. Am planning to do a presentation of the activities at the year end. In addition, we also need an official photographer now that our camera had flew off to Canada. So any volunteers?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Are Not Alone...

Today, in EY we had a session entitled "One is a lonely number" It was handled by our dear German trained (or German fed ~ cause he is looking kinda pale and plumb, too much sausage perhaps) brother Ricky Tan. On the surface, we would think that this is a session for the singles or newly made singles or the not singles wanting to be single again...but as we go through the session, we realised that it was not 'that' kind of talk.

We were reminded that we can be in a crowd and yet still be alone. Loneliness can sort of creep up on you without you knowing. Borrowing a thought from today's session, Being alone is not the same as being lonely. We could be surrounded by friends, family and even our spouse and yet we can still feel lonely.

Indeed looking around us in EY. We have good times, great fun and fellowship but are there among us who are hurting, who are feeling alone at this moment? Sometimes, in our enthusiasm to have fun, to 'get down and party' we forget, we overlook some who are among us. We thought that everything was ok because there are laughters. We thought everything was fine because there are no tears. We are wrong. For those of you whom we have accidentally overlooked, slighted, we are indeed sorry. As a group, a fellowship, we are here for one another. We are to help one another to grow, to laugh and to cry together. So let us start over.

Another thing that I have told some of you...You were never, are never and will never be alone. God is with us, though we may fail you, though we may overlooked you, God will never fail you. He will never overlooked you.


PS: Ricky, thanks for the session. So when are you free?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hot topic!!!

There's been a hot topic in the chatbox as you guys know. Yes!!! The "big box", pinky thingy and stuffs. Let's not forget the heroine of the day - ADELINE CHANG!!!

14 years ago, a cute little girl came into this world.

Here is she n years later - posing for.. don't know what..

Here's another one this year

Here she is, hugging this doggy. She likes that a lot I guess..

BUT for her birthday, she was given a pink teddy bear instead.

A pink teddy bear, stuff inside a gigantic box! (not the real box though.. but the real one is BIG...)

Everyone was surprised when she got the BIG BIG GIFT from someone. She must be over the moon. Anyway, do accept this simple wish from each and everyone of us in EY - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADELINE!!! God bless!!!