Monday, November 16, 2009

Youth Camp 09 Registration...

Well, that 15 December 2009 is coming soon. When we started to plan for this camp (here, I would really like to thank...Michael Fun and Kevin Ho from BSGC and William Chang from Elim for giving us this wonderful experience of planning for the camp...thanks A LOT...guys...), December 15, felt so far away. Even the closing date for the camp registration also felt some distance away. Of course coupled that with the number of camper that we targeted for...110...we or at the very least I did not or rather dare to think what would the numbers be like come November 15...

Well, guess what? That November 15 date has come and past...and so now, I need to officially say that the Youth Camp 09 registration is....

So, now on to the final stretch...the logistics of the camp. We will be looking forward to another month of hectic planning and pre camp preparation...again thanks a lot to the above mentioned guys...So do pray with us and especially for us and the speaker, Mr Philip Devadas (hmm, hope he remembers he has a camp with us...)...See you all this coming December 15....

Oh yes, let me also give you the breakdown of the people who are attending the camp...

From EY...36, BSGC...40 and EAOG..17 giving us a total of 93...a good number...a very good number...


PS: All the best to those sitting for their SPM exams

PS2: You still want to sign up? Well no promises there...sorry folks...

Monday, November 9, 2009

M.A.D - Making A Difference

it is a norm to me now, that each time before i leave for kl, granny, without fail, will ask me to "dont buy so much clothes because trends change before you can bat an eyelid". it really got me thinking, what makes her think im a trend-chaser? i dont do body cons and jumpsuit and military jackets and cut-out lame leggings. im not a trend follower. i love my jeans and tshirt too much to convert to something else.

over the years, as we grow up, us kids have acquired a special skill of "masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri". more so if what our parents or granny has to say is not what we want to hear. and all these while i thought my granny is being spendthrift and wants me to save more instead of spending them on clothes.

until one fine day, i opened my cupboard, and a stack of clothes tumble right in front of me. i went "WHOA!" and then i went "SHUCKS now i have to clean up this mess" and then i went "EH? when did i buy this? never see before one?".

so there you go, a transition of emotions that took place that one fine day... which leads me to think of what granny said to me -- "dont buy so much clothes because trends change before you can bat an eyelid".

why do i buy so much clothes? why do WE invest so much in clothes, brand new shoes, spanking new pants, crisp white shirt?

my best friend once told me that we, human, are all subject to what other people think of us, whether we like it or not. we want to be part of the majority, do what everyone else does, wear what normal people would. we dont want to be the sore thumb sticking out. we dont want to be labelled weirdo.

last sunday, while i was listening to the message Making A Difference, uncle william mentioned Hudson Taylor, a missionary who went into china. i couldnt help but wonder, what will the people his time say? a white man going into a jungle to preach to a bunch of mandarin speaking people. will people that time label him as crazy? as he-has-got-nothing-better-to-do?

i have no answer to all that questions above, but one thing i know... because one man is willing to step out and make a difference, china is now a country with many many Christians. (for statistics, please ask uncle william :P )

last week's message spoke a lot to me.especially the story about a 15 year old helping to free slaves. he's 15 and is already doing so much for the Lord, i ask myself... what have i been doing for God?

okay i know im getting long-winded. this long post compensates the many many months that i have not blogged. hehe. im gonna end with a video.

why do you have to be like others?

"You are the salt of the earth.
But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men".
Matthew 5:13

Sunday, November 8, 2009

LAST CALL!!!!????

Okay, as the deadline approaches for the youth camp 09 registration (its 15th November 2009, by the way, just in case you all are wondering about the date). I was surprised by the response to the camp registration. So far there are only 19 places left. Wow, here I am, in my lack of faith, worried about the ability to fill the numbers. So people....please do sign up as soon as possible as if in the event that we have reached the maximum number, we will without any choice, turn down any more camp applications. So, hurry up and go sign up for the camp.


PS: Just for your infomation, about 60% of the campers are outsiders. We are now have youth groups from Elim, Emmanuel AOG, BSGC and Cornerstone among the campers; in addition to them, we also have friends who are not from the youth groups...a very good mix of people...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Youth Camp 09 T-Shirt Designs

Okay, the first round of the youth camp T-shirt was rejected/opposed/shot down/voted off by many. (Haiz...people give some credit to the designer. Always 'taruhing'...and the voting thing... hmmm...could also be rigged/manipulated by those who know how...I wonder whether ....) Well, the designers again came up with several designs for you all to choose.

Some instructions, well don't worry about the colour for the moment. Pick the design, we will edit the colour later. Another thing, we have several designs for the front and back, so you all can mix and match the front and back which the poll has also made adjustment for...

Happy choosing...Its a Choice!!!


PS: Noticed the poll did not give the option of rejecting...hahahaha...See...old dogs can learn new tricks....