Saturday, August 28, 2010

EY Meeting Cancelled

Hi Guys,

As some of you had received my sms, sorry to announce that we will have to cancel the EY meeting this week   (2010 Aug 28) as most of us are not around for the long weekend.

But Sunday School and BUG still goes on as usual. :)



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

no one angkat tangan ar?

Okay, so no one angkat tangan for the previous post. It's either no one reads this blog, or they skipped my post (*buat muka masam*) or no one is following the New Testament reading. Well, I hope you will take the effort to do so. Follow the NT reading list, I mean. I'm still doing it and this time around, I'm making sure I'll finish the NT by the end of this year. Janji.

Anyway, my stay is coming to an end in less than 2 weeks and I'm leaving for tanah maple syrup soon. Time flies, eh? 3 1/2 months down the road liao and I really want to thank yous for making my trip back such a wonderful one. Like seriously.

Edit: I wrote that 2 weeks ago and now, I'm leaving in like...10 hours.

It started with the EY caregroup, the time when Bertin and Steven were trying out each other's strength by holding hands. I knew some of you guys by face, like Ah Kai and Ah Qi and knew some slightly better, like Steven and Andrew. A bit janggal at times, but it was all cool. With time, we were soon better friends.

Now, 3 1/2 months on, with my Canto much better and me catching some of you guys' sense of humour, I'll leave with arms high and heart abandoned. I'm telling all of you (I mean, all) now that you have made my holidays rather awesome. God has been graceful and unassuming. Well, God being God. But yeah, thank yous for just being there.

And oh, I'm glad to be your camera...tho a lot of the times, I passed it you guys to take it for yourself :P Learning from Unc. William to pass it on!

Take care, peeps. We'll see each other in a blink of an eye. Time flies!

tu xin

p/s: oh Doc and Wan Wai, have a good wedding!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A shoutout

Please angkat tangan those who have taken the sheet of paper that Katan gave i.e. the challenge to finish the New Testament by the end of this year, and is actually still following it.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frisbee Game N Dinner

Sorry guys for this late announcement... We wont be having our usual EY meeting this Sat(14 Aug 2010) but we will be having something special on this Sat evening.

We will be having a friendly frisbee match with Corner Stone church and some of the guys from Kampar( thanks to our bro Kevin Koon for inviting them)... in YMCA at 5pm. Lets meet at church at 4.45pm and we will depart from there just like our usual BUG.

After the game we will go back to church for a buffet + BBQ dinner at 7.30pm in conjunction with the launching of the A-Men football team . Just a short intro, this A-Men team consist of a group of ex national football players coming together to form a team to play football and of course the ultimate goal, to spread the gospel through football.

So do come n join is FOC, cool right?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BSGC TRIP II: Award Winning Advertisement!!

Hi must be wondering what Kit Kat boy we are talking about in the previous post....after much thought I think it will not be fair to keep something so good to myself...

So ladies and gentlemen, here is the Award Winning Kit Kat Advertisement by our very own Elim Youth...


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ya, I know its a bit late to post up these photos(busy with work what to do) but late better than nothing right.

Well, I believe all agreed with me that we had a great trip right? Treasure Hunt in Empire Mall, Stevie getting the "Kit Kat 'Award winning advertisement(Hmm,has been thinking should I post the video as well?) and of course a big laugh over our sis Tsuey Xin mistaken a Char Siew in the Wan Tan Mee as the Strawberry. Who knows, one day someone might really come out with "Strawberry Wan Tan Mee'

Of course a special thank to our dear bro and sis from BSGC for the hospitality and organising this wonderful trip for us. THANK YOU!!!

Nway, here are the photos ...enjoy

The Journey began.......

Hakka Mee for Breakfast

Finally, we had arrived.....Katan seems to be enjoying the Chicken Rice

LEX, our starting point for the Treasure Hunt

The teamsss

Busy seeking for the treasures

Our Last agenda, movie time!!!