Friday, July 31, 2009

And now...what?

"Err...and now...what?"

I joined EY when internet was still in its infancy. The most advanced personal computer was think Intel 286 with hard disk size of about 2Mbs. Yeah, I know...I am getting ...more 'advanced'. Back then, the EY meeting was conducted in the old library building and we sang from the EY songbooks. We seldom but we can and it was a hassle to use the Overhead Projector. We also only had a guitar then. I then left for my higher education in Canada...

Coming back, the EY has progressed. The meeting place was in the worship hall, in the creche room and we have air-cond. We still sing from books and using guitar only. I joined a few of the meetings but feeling left out or out of touch, I skipped EY and pretty much everything else also...that is another story.

Fast forwarding to a few more years, and I rejoined EY. By then, we have our own room in the Sunday School Building. The room was quite big and we have air-cond. We now improved the singing session with addition frills like lap top, projection and some more gung ho worship leader will carry the drums and keyboard and guitars, just to have a 5 to 10 minutes of full band worship.

And then to the current day. We now have a multipurpose hall, which we can play badminton, ping-pong or 'kong kuan'. Upstairs we have our very own new and improved EY room. It is bigger, and now it has got carpet, a permanent drum set, keyboard, the guitars, amps, and speakers.

The EY room and equipments have been improved, and we are very much blessed by God. Now here is the million dollar question...we are blessed for what? Why do we have such a nice room, equipment and stuffs? What is it for? Our comfort and fun? Could be...but I like to think it is more than that. God blessed us so that we can bless others. So now...what? That is the question that we all need to answer. Let's search ourselves and see, what we can do with this blessing that God has given us...

One of the first EY Program in the new crib

Since it was a first time, might as well have a first time song leading by Vivian... (Great Job, Vivian...more to come)

First time keyboard playing by Amelia Ling (Great Job Amelia, also more to come)

Shireen on drums (Dial back a bit Shireen, you are doing a lot oledi...)

Vincent giving additional pointers to Amelia...that's is church, people...helping one another, encouraging one another

Our 'Maestro' of our banner fabrication team

The girls doing the banner for the EY crib. Somehow the unfinish product looks..better?

Moving day, we shifted from the old to the new.
Tidying up the crib...and now, what?


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God of Wonders

People, one of the songs we will be worshipping God with this coming Saturday...


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Time!!!

It's been a long while since we had our birthday posts. This is what you get when you put some one like me in charge of the blog postings. People, I don't even celebrate my wife's birthday (do she knows I love her....) should be a clue to you fellows that putting me in charge of birthday postings is a no no.

This time round, somebody (your sister, in case you want to get back at) reminded (requested) me to do a birtday posting. So here we go....

Today, we celebrate the birth of our twins in the EY (BTW we do kind of have a lot of twins in EY. Do you fellas know how many pairs? I counted They are Mr Henry and Miss Rachel....So dude and dudette, heres a Happy Birthday to the both of you where ever since you shared a same birthday, I guess you will also have to share the same birthday posts, birthday angpows, cakes and etc....

What's a birthday post without here you go....(again, its your sister's idea...I am just following instructions...)

Mr Henry Chow...

Miss Rachel Chow...

(Happy Birthday la...dun und webdings ar?)