Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay folks, after much planning and preparation (by Shireen and Bernice) and of course not forgetting all those who helped out in all the minor and major details, we will depart for Sg. Klah tomorrow afternoon. It is estimated that we will depart by 1230hrs and arrived back home by 2130hrs. Some ground rules folks, can't really let all of you go without spoiling some of your fun. That's what adults do. It is part of our genetic make up, so don't blame me, I am just following my genes ;)

So the rules, folks:

  1. Shireen and Bernice spent a lot of effort in this, so people give them the support they need.

  2. Also, we have some adults joining, so 'support' them as well.

  3. There are a lot of new people around, so people behave!!!

  4. Mix around and don't stick among your own people

  5. Don't go off wandering alone.

  6. Bring your own water, change of clothes, some money, plastic bag for wet clothes and YOUR BRAIN!!!

  7. Be on time for departure and arrival. Don't get us running all over the place looking for you

Anywayyyyyy, bottom line, we are going there to have fun and enjoy some fellowship with each other and our new friends.

See you tomorrow.


PS: Almost forgot, below are some photos of K'lah!

the saint: Doesn't look as good as hawaii but not too bad huh?

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