Monday, April 28, 2008


People seldom acknowledge the good that we do. It didn't matter whether we swam through shark infested water with both our hands tied behind our back and had managed to rescue a drowning man or woman, people will and have always had expected it like it was the norm. It is something that we are supposed to do. Now, the bad that we do, THAT they see. Forgot to comb our hair, forgot to shave, forgot to _______ (fill in the blanks); that they noticed. I remember once during my youth time, I was given the task to lead the Christmas Carolling team. Don't have to read that again, yes, I was given the task to lead the caroling team and this is not a joke and I know April 1st was a month ago. So, I busted my back, came out with the program which was a series of songs that tell of the Christmas story, arranged for the practice and transportation and finally on that very day managed to keep to the posted time. That was a big thing as all the previous years, the carolers were always late. Was there ever a good job, well done or even a small clap on the back…nope. People seldom acknowledge the good that we do. So now winding the clock forward, let's start acknowledging the good that people do.

For these past few months, EY has had several events that people had busted their back on. Granted not all were of flying colors standard, but all were efforts that had sweat, tears, blood, attention, time, patience and love of the organizers which need to be ACKNOWLEDGED. So, let me start the ball rolling:

  1. The 1st EY Program. It was a fun time with the games. Some games, I personally did not take a shine to but the rest of the games, I have thoroughly enjoyed. From the looks of the rest of the youths, well they enjoyed too. So GOOD JOB, Kar Wai and Carmen.
  2. I was asked to start off worship for the month of March. Again not a joke and yes, I know April 1st has passed. I have decided to do things a bit different and had asked some of the youths to take time out to practice first. They had to put up with my 'wonderful' singing and still play the instruments in tune to my voice and tone. That in itself was a huge effort. So again thanks and GOOD JOB, Clarence, Andrew, Shireen and Bernice.
  3. AOG visit to EY. We recently had a combined meeting with the AOG youths. 4 of our youths were tasked to handle the whole affair. They organized some games, ice-breaker and even prepared souvenirs. Some of the games need to be thought out a bit more but generally the whole day was a wonderful affair. Again, GOOD JOB, Kar Wai, Carmen, Shireen and Bernice. Another shout out to Carmen here for 'worship' leading the AOG youths in a brethren church. GOOD WORSHIP!
  4. The 2nd EY Program. We have a group of 71 youths going on a trip to Sg. Klah Hot Springs. To put that number into perspective, our youths numbered about 20. So that is about 3.5 times our EY number!!!. It was a marvelous trip, perfect weather, good fun and blessed fellowship. The youths even arranged to prepare some light lunches for the picnickers. They arranged everything, scouted the place, and arranged the pricing. Again GOOD JOB, Shireen and Bernice. Also not forgetting the ones that helped out with the lunches, photo taking, etc.
  5. A GOOD JOB to all you guys and gals who had participated to the above activities. Because let's face it, if we don't join it, no matter how wonderful the games and activities are, they will all fall flat without your support. So let's all reach out our right hands and pat ourselves on the back. GOOD JOB.
  6. All the taikos and taichehs. GOOD JOB in behaving yourselves. We acknowledge that if you all wanted to, you can make life pretty difficult for all of us. Everybody look up to you guys so you can steer them heavenwards or hellbound. So thank you for pointing them to the right direction and setting a superb example.
  7. Lastly, GOOD JOB, Wan Li, Kok Ming and Kar Wai (the other one). You fellas serve tirelessly, without complaints and not even seeking glory. Here, let me say once and for all that this work was, is and will ever be a GROUP EFFORT. So THANK YOU and GOOD JOB.

So people, feel free to add more to the list. God knows that much more work was done in the background to make EY functions as it is. As we look towards the future, Let us work together, patting each other backs and helping those who stumbled for we all serve the Almighty God.


PS: How can I forget, the one person that made all the above possible, Uncle William. Thanks for the support man, without your approval, wouldn't dare to try half the crazy stunts that we have pulled. But still your name cannot be the last, as ultimately let's all acknowledge The One that made all this possible…Our Awesome God. Thank you.



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