Sunday, September 28, 2008

EY Program Part 3 Pictures!!!

Someone is sure very happy about the EY program. Wonder what is he so cheerful about?

Our two lovely and quite talented songleaders of the night. Bravo, girls!!!

Our EYs who turned out to support.

Our musicians... full bands folks, full band!

Our brother Ken Lee also played drums for one of the song. Go, Ken go!

Our sister Bernice playing the piano and Shireen playing the bass guitar.

Our sister Shireen playing the drums...wait..she plays the piano, the guitar and now the drums...what is she trying to be..a one man band...oops one woman band.

Our EYs sitting down for the first game, a cat, mouse, rat or a mouse chasing rat or something like that. I was so confused.

Andrew getting punished.....

Our EYs joining together as a show of unity....not...they are gathering together to play another game

Our EYs gathering together for a time of prayer...not! Its another game that they are playing...I was not really sure what was happening then...


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