Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You all gave me smiles :)

I was depressed yesterday. University is tough and demanding. I woke up at 6am to do my problem sets, and I still don't get the answers. First year of Canadian education is different. Sometimes, out of the sudden, I feel I'm not smart enough, intelligent enough, hardworking enough for Engineering Science.

I felt alone yesterday. I was thinking about Christmas when the choir (yes I'm in a choir and that's where angels sing. Including me! :D ) mentioned caroling. I was asking myself, "Who am I going to celebrate Christmas with this year?". My sis is so far in UK, I have no relatives here albeit a lot of Malaysian friends. I remember the choir practices, the caroling, the makan session with you guys in church. I feel so far away from home.

But today is a different story. It is now 8.34am, 12 hours later than home. I started my day with more problem sets. You'll say "What the...". I say that too but hey man, that's how I keep up with work. A bit pathetic eh? Haha.

Then I read this blog. And I laughed. I smiled. Life is better now :)

This is to tell everyone at home that you people are giving me strength in many untold ways. Even I don't understand it but whenever I read this blog, whenever I look at some of those silly spams, I am encouraged to study even more. Haha. And I feel as if the world is in my hands after all :D After all, life's all about making myself smile at times when I don't feel like it.

As this "camera" upgrades herself (I feel so important! ) in Canada, train up another camera lah! And man, I miss using "lah-meh-mah-s". Canadians don't understand you if you end your sentences with lmm-s. Weird.

I realize all of you are my Godsend guardian angels, backing me up all the while and I'm sure each one of you are some one else's angels as well :)

Now I have to run and do other problem sets.

Love, crap and rock on!

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