Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Wow, finally I am having little bit of free time over here after a crazy month of Dec. 2010 had come to pass and we are already in 2011..the old had gone and the new has come. If I were to share on the previous year, definitely he had shown me countless time how of a great and impossible God he is. I am just humbled by looking at what He had blessed and done for us.





I do give thanks to the Lord for blessing me with such a great and wonderful youths and youths advisor in Elim. In fact I do felt exhausted and feel like throwing in the towel at times, but the Lord never fail to give me the strength to continue. N everytime ,the Lord chose to use the Elim Youths to give me this strength to persevere and continue.

Elim Sports Camp, all of you came in to lead and help in whatever ways you can. Some of you are for the 1st time leading a group, 1st time acting, 1st time teaching and 1st time leading children singing but still you guys did it. The no.of helpers volunteered, the no. of parents turned up for finale…Nothing is Impossible!!

Youth Camp, as Katan commented, its not the speaker, its not the worship, its not the chit chat we had nor the games we had but it’s the God of the Impossible that made this camp possible. Through the Impossible God we had seen souls being saved in this camp. All glory to God.

As I had shared in FB, Able to be part of his perfect plan is infinitely more rewarding that what the world can ever offer me. I still believe that and will continue to believe so.

I am very sure this year will be a much rewarding and greater year for Elim Youths and even for Ipoh. Lets continue to shine forth for Him and strive for the impossible as our God is the God of the Impossible. EYERS, GO FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!


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