Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A simple sharing

Wanted to post something for a long time. But I don't know what to post until now. Lately, I've experienced a lot of hurt in my campus life. People you think you trust and are friends just turned out the other way. After being sad and all for some time, I thought of one of the devotional materials. This is what I want to share with you guys (if this blog still has reader :P).

"Every human on the face of the earth has the ability to let someone down. Everyone is capable of breaking a heart. It's our nature. There is no one who can live up to another's expectations 100 percent of the time.

No one but Christ.

... We are not to put our hopes in people, but in Christ, who would never, ever let us down.

To some people, that's good news.

To others, it's like saying we can count on the tooth fairy. To them, Christ seems so far removed from the reality that they think reaching for him would be like reaching for thin air.

But they would be wrong.

You see, Jesus knows of our heartbreaks. His heart was broken when his disciples scattered to avoid arrest and one of his twelve closest friends betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver. His heart was broken when he heard that Peter, one of his most trusted confidants, had sworn he didn't even know him. His heart was broken when he hung on that cross between thieves and heard the soldiers mocking him and knew he had done nothing for which he could be executed. His heart was broken when the thief on the cross next to his cursed and heaped insults on him. At the same time, his broken heart must have reminded him why he was there. He had come to earth for the sins that caused all of those heartbreaks.

Because of Christ's suffering, he not only understands our suffering, but he has such an affinity with us that he can call us brothers and sisters. To me, that's wonderful news! That tells me that no matter who breaks my heart in this life, or who lets me down or deceives me or rejects me or betrays me ... I'll still have an anchor. Jesus understands, and he will never break my heart."

Yes! Some of you may say, "It's easy to say than do." I do agree it's easier to say. But if everyone says that and never put into practice, you will never experience the beauty of a healed wound until you die. I am learning, too. I've chosen to take the first step. What about you? Are you going to continue to let it hurt you until you can't stand up? Or are you going to trust in the Lord and find joy in Him? It's okay to cry about it. But after crying, what are you going to do about it? Keep on crying and let it tear you down? Or commit everything into God's hands and asking Him for help?

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